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5 Instructional Design Components That Will Help You Create a Better Lesson

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, Feb 19, 2015

5 Ways to Make a Better LessonWhen you build lessons do you sometimes have trouble knowing where to begin? Or do you get stuck in a rut, re-creating the same thing over and over? We know how important it is to not only create engaging lessons, but ones of high quality. We have compiled 5 key ways to improve your lessons to make them more interactive and effective.

Lessons that achieve positive learning outcomes with students often contian the following instructional design components:

  1. InteractivityInteractivity
    Does the activity have numerous opportunities for the student to practice the skills they need?

  2. Instructional_Icons_0003_Vector-Smart-ObjectAesthetics
    Are pages uncluttered, making effective use of space?
    Are the activities laid out relative to the information they contain?
    Is there attractive use of media, line, space, shape, texture and color?

  3. Instructional_Icons_0002_Vector-Smart-ObjectInstruction
    Are there learning objectives that are student-focused, observable, and measurable?
    Is the lesson sequenced from few-to-many and easy-to-difficult?
    Are the activities and feedback meaningful and relevant?

  4. Instructional_Icons_0001_Vector-Smart-ObjectOriginality
    Is the lesson innovative or memorable?
    Do the activities provide new or unusual experiences?

  5. Instructional_Icons_0000_Vector-Smart-ObjectCollaboration
    Does the lesson provide opportunities for multiple students to participate?

To see these instructional design components in action and learn more ways to create engaging and effective lessons, attend one of our upcoming Make My Lessons Better webinars

Getting More From Your Lesson with Mimio Webinar

Effective lesson design encourages student engagement, interactivity, and collaboration, and facilitates assessment. Start with your existing lessons or ones found on mimioconnect.com, and learn how to make them even better.

Webinar Leaders

Lindy George, Instructional Technology Specialist, Collier County Public Schools, Naples, FL
Lindy George is an instructional technology specialist for the Collier County Public schools in Florida. Her passion is to work daily in her district to support teachers in the effective integration of technology in the classroom. 

Claire Pavia, First Grade Teacher, Cross Lutheran School, Sandwich, IL
Claire Pavia is a first grade teacher at Cross Lutheran School in Illinois. She has taught a number of early childhood levels including preschool, first and second grade. Claire incorporates technology in her classroom most every day to further engage and enrich the learning experiences of her students. 

Join Lindy and Claire for the webinar: 
Getting More from Your Lessons with Mimio
Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 4:30 PM ET and
Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 4:30 PM ET 
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