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How Do You Improve Student Engagement?

Posted by Blake Helveston on Mon, Nov 19, 2012

MimioAcademy helps your teachers learn how.

MimioAcademyTeacherHas your school recently acquired a new Mimio Interactive Teaching Technology or MimioReading program? Do you want to ensure that your teachers make the most out of this valuable investment? Introducing MimioAcademy Professional Development, a combination of onsite and online offerings customized for your school or district.

We provide customized sessions for our Mimio Interactive Hardware and software and our MimioReading programs.

For Mimio Interactive Technologies, our most popular session is our Core Skills training. We believe it’s important for teachers to walk away from their time with us feeling comfortable and able to start incorporating their Mimio technology and curriculum into their classroom. The majority of teachers can be nervous about approaching new classroom technology and many times feel like they are being forced to change how they are teaching. Our goal is not to force change on your teachers, but to get teachers excited to use Mimio by showing them techniques that can supplement and enhance what they already do. When PD is provided directly from Mimio, our Teaching and Learning Specialist (TLS’s) will conduct the sessions. Each TLS is a former educator, which allows them to provide real world relevance to everything they teach. This continues Mimio’s model of teachers teaching teachers, which is a consistent theme throughout our Professional Developement and training programs. Mimio can continue to work with schools to provide customized webinars, Intermediate and advanced sessions.

MimioReading Takes a Phased Approach

For MimioReading we provide  phased sessions for full implementation. Through a combination of onsite and online sessions, our Implementation Specialists will work with your teachers to ensure the MimioReading programs are used at the highest possible level, yielding the best results. Phased instruction will take teachers from just getting started all the way to fully integrating the program into their daily curriculum. The MimioReading programs are developed around proven results and we support our schools the entire way to achieving those results. The goal is to develop schools that simply can’t do without their MimioReading based on each year’s success.

Professional Development is a two way street and we will work with each school or district to develop a customized plan as needed.  While we have no problem providing a single day of onsite PD, we find the value of our programs is significantly increased when Mimio is provided the opportunity to work with customers throughout the year.  Successful use of our products and programs creates a stronger community of users and maximizes the return on investment.

We look forward to working with you to build Mimio communities. For more information or to contact one of our Teaching and Learning Specialists, visit our MimioAcademy page.

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