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Mimio’s Top Takeaways from ISTE 2014

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Wed, Jul 9, 2014
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Find out what our Mimio team learned from ISTE.Mimio Team ISTE 2014

ISTE 2014 has come and gone, but it is not to be forgotten! Everyone from Mimio who attended came back excited and exhausted, which is always the sign of a great trade show. I asked those who attended to give me their top insights from ISTE 2014. Whether you made the trek to Atlanta or stayed behind, you can share in the insights, trends, and latest news from one of the largest educational technology conventions in North America.

Paget Hetherington, Mimio Vice President of Marketing

Paget Hetherington Over the past 12 years that I have been attending ISTE, I have seen so many changes in the educational technology market. Companies grow at a steady pace or expand rapidly, regroup and reduce, and appear and disappear, soon to come back again. Meanwhile, educational technology continues to evolve, innovate, and surprise.  

 Paget’s Three Big Observations from ISTE:

  1. Industry Partnerships – New and existing edtech partnerships continue to flourish in the education industry. This applies to educators, publishers, start-ups, innovators, hardware companies, and software companies.  These partnerships are creating products and services that serve the needs of teachers and students in our continuously evolving education marketplace. And technology and software are working together – for example, Google with IWBs, with devices, with online learning content, all connected to LMS’s and assessment. Software is working on many hardware platforms to assist in instruction and be more flexible to the needs of schools, teachers, and students. The possibilities and benefits of the industry’s collaboration are endless, and they’ll help us all provide better learning environments for our students for the future.

  2.  It takes a village – I spoke to many educators, from all parts of the education ecosystem. They told me that every single person now has a voice in the choices that are being made in schools and districts for educational technology solutions. While only a few hold the final responsibility for the purchasing decisions, all educators have a voice that is being heard. At the grassroots, teachers are telling their peers at the district level what works and what doesn’t, and what edtech solutions they prefer to use to educate their students. This grassroots influence has gained strength in tandem with the acceptance of edtech as an important and ubiquitous part of the mainstream fabric of education. Technology has become integrated into the everyday aspect of teaching, and is now just a normal component of the teaching day. This is very exciting to see.

  3.  Mimio is so much more than a vendor – For us at Mimio, the resounding theme was that we are continuing to provide the most flexible, innovative, consistent, reliable, and easy-to-use classroom technology – technology that continues to be affordable. The educators I spoke to were very appreciative of the fairness of our pricing structures, as well as our commitment to them as partners, not simply customers.

 Dan Winkler, Mimio Chief Technology Officer

Dan Winkler I have attended ISTE for several years, and I am always blown away by the excitement and energy that educators have for innovation, teaching, and Mimio. This year was no different in that respect, but the key thing I noted was that the technology we use in our everyday world is becoming more and more a part of the classroom.

 Dan's Top Three Observations:

  1. Large HD flat-panel displays are becoming more affordable, which makes them a more realistic option for the classroom. These displays seemed to be the theme of the show. We released our own version with the MimioDisplay touch display, and people were really excited about the possibilities for collaboration and engagement these displays offer.
  1. The yet-to-be-released Google Classroom received a lot of attention. Most presentations where it was shown or talked about were completely booked, with people standing around the edges trying to see what it was all about. Educators are so eager to learn about what’s next, and about how it will contribute to the ways they are teaching.

  2. Our customers’ excitement and dedication to Mimio. We had a lot of new people come to the booth, but we also had a ton of existing customers, who just wanted to see what’s new, check out our presentations, or even just say hi. It’s great to have the chance to connect with new and old customers in that way; it’s one of my favorite things about attending ISTE.

 Travis Rink, Mimio Training Manager

Travis_Rink This ISTE 2014 was very well attended and we had lots of educators coming by the Mimio booth to see the latest. I gave all of our presentations for educators at our booth, so I got to see what really gets people excited when it comes to Mimio. I even shot a stop-motion video during the show, which you can check out here. 

Travis’s Key Takeaways:

  1. People still love the ease of use, portability, and functionality of the MimioTeach interactive whiteboard. They still are amazed when you show them you can put the MimioTeach bar up on any flat surface, add a projector, and you have an IWB.

  2. People were blown away by the MimioMobile app and what it makes possible for Collaboration, Assessment, and Control. The fact that they can leverage the mobile devices they already have and do all of this really excites educators, and gets them thinking about where their school’s investments should go.

  3. There was much excitement around the MimioDisplay touch display. While they are a higher-priced option, they are becoming more affordable, and it seems to be a general trend that schools want to get away from projectors and bulb replacement and head towards interactive displays.

  4. Teachers love it that they don’t have to start from scratch creating lessons – they can bring in the lesson resources they already use, even if they have other IWB products in their schools or are making the switch. 

  5. They simply love Mimio!

10406960_10152556250474868_1340473855249935512_nOur North American Sales Manager, Steve Mefford, summed up his ISTE experience this way: “This year it seemed so busy and full of energy from all of the attendees, it got me excited! The thing that seemed to really pique everyone’s interest was our new HD LED display. Its stunning image, the collaboration it makes possible, and its affordability seem to really resonate with so many key things that are going on in the market right now. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for ISTE 2015!”

Whether or not you were able to attend ISTE 2014, you can check out everything Mimio has to offer here. >>


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