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Staying Current: Publications Educators Should Subscribe To

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Mon, Nov 21, 2016


We all have our favorite go-to sources for professional information—those specific education technology magazines, in-the-know influential bloggers, or even “hottest of the hot” social media sites. Each has their own unique take on the latest teaching trends and methodologies across all subject areas and instructional levels. They may review new products and services for everything from literacy to professional development. Or, they may publish the latest research studies on everything from the social-emotional factors influencing student learning to whether devices are engaging students effectively. All, in one way or another, can help us do what we do in our particular corner of the education world.

Choosing which education publications and posts to read, or which blogs and feeds we should follow, can sometimes be overwhelming as the number of outlets continues to increase on what seems like a daily—or even hourly—basis. The good news is that by making wise subscription or following choices, you can tap into professional mindsets and practices that will best address your individual needs, both now and in the future.

Finding the Right Fit
There are several types of educational trade publications in the marketplace. Many offer online issues as well as the good old-fashioned printed magazine that arrives via snail mail to your office or desk once a month. Be sure to check out archived issues of publications you’re interested in to get a sense of who their key audience is: administrator, teacher, tech specialist, etc. Some publications or bloggers may be more general in scope such as Education Week or eSchool News. Alternatively, they may be written specifically for teachers of:

Publication Formats
As mentioned above, educational journals and magazines have evolved and today include online publications as well as traditional print formats. These give you options for obtaining information about your chosen subject matter. They may focus on topics of interest that cross all grade levels and learning types, including curriculum planning, improving student proficiencies, instructional methods, best teaching practices, innovative materials, collaborative teaching, cooperative learning, socio-cultural influences on learning, student diversity, learning strategies, and assessments. Whew!

Online publications are especially helpful for those on a budget since many can be accessed for free, though some organizations do require annual memberships or charge a fee for reading their online offerings. A great example of a free online publication is the Mathematics Teacher Educator, published jointly by the Association of Mathematics Teachers Educators and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics every March and September. Print publications, meanwhile, often publish three to six times per year and typically charge a subscription fee.

Some of the Best in the Industry
In the Capterra School Administration Blog, Nick Morpus—after sorting through hundreds of blogs, publications, associations, events, and tools—pulled out only the best of the best.

Don’t overlook bellwether publications and websites like Education Dive, The Hechinger Report, Tech & Learning Magazine, District Administration, THE Journal, Edutopia, EdTech Digest, Kappan Magazine, School Administrator, Internet @Schools, and Scholastic Teacher, among others.

In this exciting field of education, knowledge grows with experience, and choosing the right educational resources to keep your skill set current is important. For all education professionals—whether administrators, teachers, tech directors, or instructional tech specialists—this means investigating and then applying the best practices, or implementing new tools that you’ve read about, in order to drive modern teaching and improve learning outcomes for your students.

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