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How to Create A Culture of Staff Collaboration for 21st Century Education

Posted by Paul Gigliotti on Thu, Dec 3, 2015

 Building a T4PD Community, Part 1

In November of 1986, a provocative article appeared in the New York Times with the simple title, “Debating Classroom Technology.” The article posed many intriguing questions about the future of technology in the classroom, at a time when educational technology was still in its infancy. Schools and teachers across the country were struggling to determine whether classroom technology might someday impact student learning: Could technology actually reform the way knowledge is transmitted? What is so compelling about this article, almost 30 years later, is that educators are still searching for the answer to that question.

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15 Free Tech Training Resources for Teachers

Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Nov 3, 2015

Getting Up and Running on Classroom Technology Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget

Professional development is an integral part of a successful ed-tech implementation in any classroom. Teachers must know how to use these technologies so that they can engage their students effectively. Many companies and websites offer webinars, workshops, and online or in-class courses to help train teachers to be proficient with educational technologies, but many of these training sessions come at a steep price. With a little searching, it’s possible to find a plethora of groups and websites offering free training resources. To save you time, we have compiled a list of some of the best of these free resources.

The 15 tech training resources below can get you off to a great start supporting your teachers’ ongoing professional development activities.

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Training with Travis: Make the Most of Your Summer Months

Posted by Travis Rink on Wed, May 27, 2015
As the last bell rings on the last day of school, excitement about the summer break kicks in for students and teachers alike. It may seem like only yesterday that you were greeting a new class of eager students, and now the school year has ended. How can you make the most of your summer?

Helping You Rejuvenate and Retool in the Summer Months Ahead

For educators, the summer break is a time to relax, rejuvenate, and retool. You finally have the time to reflect on what went well, what needs to be improved, and how you might alter things to better accommodate curriculum or class changes. But for many, it’s a short-lived break from reality before the professional side of your chosen career path kicks in once again.

Does it seem like every year there’s some new initiative you are asked to get behind and implement in your classroom to help students achieve? Is the introduction of new classroom technology prominent in the mix of upcoming expectations that you have to contend with – or the pressure to better integrate in your teaching the technology tools your school already has?

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Training with Travis: Work Smarter with MimioStudio

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, May 8, 2014

Work Smarter Not Harder with the Big Three Tools

In our last blog, we shared a tip on using resources you already have in your classroom. Let's dig into that concept a bit more and explore some great ways to work smarter instead of harder with your MimioStudio™ software tools. 

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Training with Travis: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Classroom Technology

Posted by Travis Rink on Wed, Apr 2, 2014

Welcome to our new monthly blog, “Training with Travis.” Travis Rink currently runs Mimio’s Training program, works with our teacher teams, and assists with the MimioConnect® online community website. His 16 years as a teacher make him perfect at knowing what really works in the classroom when it comes to training, technology, and teaching. Travis looks forward to this new avenue of reaching out to educators and to getting your insights into technology, training, and teaching.

5 Easy Ways to Get Started with New Technology in Your Classroom

So, you have some new technology that your principal gave you at the start of the year, but you haven't fully embraced it in your classroom? You’re not alone. Most teachers have limited time in their busy day to implement everything they would like to do. Combine that problem with a possible lack of support and appropriate training from your school district, and it’s clear why successful implementation of technology can be more cumbersome that it should be.  To break through the time constraints, here are a few helpful tips:

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