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Training with Travis: How MimioStudio Gallery Can Simplify Your Life

Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Sep 30, 2014

"Out of clutter, find simplicity." - Albert Einstein

Training with Travis MimioStudio GalleryAs a former high school science teacher, I am a big fan of Einstein. His insightful thinking and outside-the-box problem solving still guide us today. Are you wondering why I’m quoting Einstein? His concept of “finding simplicity out of clutter” can be achieved through our very own MimioStudio Gallery. 

The Gallery was designed by Mimio Einsteins (aka Mimio engineers), who developed it to solve the common problem of finding a readily accessible area in which to store frequently used lesson content. The Gallery comes pre-loaded with a lot of useful content that teachers can add to their lessons, and it’s also a very handy storage area. 

MimioStudio Gallery comes with many helpful resources:

  • Graphics that add visual appeal to your lessons.
  • Multimedia Content that helps you make lessons more interactive.
  • Templates to assist you in building your own activities.
  • Lessons that are ready to use.
MimioStudio Gallery Window

Make the Gallery Work for You
The Gallery is organized into categories, and can be searched via keywords, making it a simple approach to finding useful material. The Gallery also allows teachers to add their own content and organize it in a way that works for them. With a simple click of a button, you can create a folder in the Gallery to house anything related to a lesson you are teaching. You can save time by creating templates of files or full lessons you use daily, and store them for instant access in your Gallery. 

Customize Your Gallery
You can customize the Gallery to fit your needs by adding graphics and other multimedia items you want to use in lessons that you create in MimioStudio software. Say you’re planning to teach a lesson on simple machines and you want to show some pictures as examples. In just a few minutes, you can copy and paste images of simple machines you find on the Internet or from other sources, into a folder you've created in the MimioStudio Gallery called "Simple Machines." You can even create sub-folders of the various types of simple machines and place pictures of them in that folder. You then will have this resource established to use whenever it is needed, right within the MimioStudio software. 

MimioConnect Content

Import Content into Your Gallery
Make your Gallery even more valuable by importing other content you find through the MimioConnect online community, or get from other colleagues. You can also export your created resources to share them with your colleagues or with other educators in the online MimioConnect community, making your creation something we all can benefit from. 

Einstein hit the mark again when he said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Your options for using this wonderful resource are endless – they’re only limited by your imagination. You can learn much more about how to use your MimioStudio Gallery through our MimioTraining Quick Learn sessions. These are free training sessions that cover all things Mimio. 

Check out the syllabus for the Quick Learn session “Using the MimioStudio Gallery,” and sign up today.>>



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