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      11 of the Best Educational YouTube Channels for Pre-K, K-12, Teachers, and Lifelong Learners

      Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Sep 11, 2018


      Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has grown to over 1 billion active users each month, with over 400 hours of video content uploaded each minute. This can make it almost impossible to filter through the massive library of videos to find the best educational content––whether you’re looking for your kids, your students, professional development, or pure curiosity.

      To help you with your search, we sifted through YouTube’s countless channels and picked out our favorite creators of educational content. Here are the best educational YouTube channels for every kind of learner: 

      For Pre-K Children:

      1. Peekaboo Kidz
        This channel offers fun animated videos for children featuring their signature character, Dr. Binocs. Dr. Binocs teaches young children about science by answering questions many kids wonder, like “How do birds fly?” or “Are vegetables really healthy?” Peekaboo Kidz also has animations that teach the alphabet and rhyming, often through fun songs that your kids will love.
      1. Blippi
        With over 2.5 million subscribers, Blippi is one of the biggest names on YouTube for kids. Blippi is a YouTube personality played by channel creator Stevin John who teaches young children pre-k concepts, often featuring real-life machines and vehicles to keep kids engaged. If your child is obsessed with fire trucks and construction equipment, Blippi’s charming live-action videos will keep them entertained for hours while also teaching them about colors, numbers, and more. 

      For K-12 Students:

      1. CrashCourse
        CrashCourse is a favorite of both students and teachers, offering quick, detailed overviews of a wide range of topics. These videos are well-researched to provide the most important information about the subject and include animations that help visual learners synthesize the information that’s presented. From physics to US government, CrashCourse videos are useful to review subject matter from past courses or act as a detailed preview of upcoming lessons.
      1. AsapSCIENCE
        This weekly series explores fun and interesting topics through a scientific lens. The videos teach the fundamentals of real scientific principles in just a few minutes by using pop culture and hand-drawn visuals to engage students. AsapSCIENCE videos are a great way to get students thinking about real-life issues in a scientific light.
      1. It’s Okay To Be Smart
        Similar to AsapSCIENCE, It’s Okay To Be Smart offers exploration of scientific concepts, usually by asking more abstract questions like “Are we all related?” Host Joe Hanson, Ph.D. grabs viewers’ attention by combining his comedic attitude with actual science. This channel strives to solve many of life’s unanswered questions, encouraging students to think creatively and abstractly along the way. 

      For Professional Development (for Teachers):

      1. Edutopia
        Edutopia is an online community for educators, and their YouTube channel offers a wide range of videos that help support teachers’ professional development. Teachers can learn what’s working in K-12 education by watching videos that explore project-based learning, integrating tech tools, and social and emotional learning practices. In addition, Edutopia’s “Schools that Work” series provides guidance on evidence-based strategies that you can bring to your own classroom.
      1. Jeffrey Bradbury | TeacherCast
        Jeffrey Bradbury is the founder of the TeacherCast Educational Network, where teachers can find educational podcasts, EdTech news, product reviews and tutorials, and leadership support. His YouTube channel is home to the TechEducator podcast––an informational podcast for teachers––as well as a library of instructional videos for tech in the classroom. As an educator himself, Bradbury created TeacherCast as a place for teachers to help teachers, and his videos do just that.
      1. Teaching Channel
        This online community is where teachers can learn diverse techniques to help their students succeed. Their YouTube channel features videos of teachers giving lessons in the classroom, so other educators can watch firsthand and learn what really works. 

      For Lifelong Learners:

      1. SmarterEveryDay
        This is another YouTube channel that explores the world through science, but focuses on topics with a “wow factor” instead of emphasizing the scientific principles. The videos––many of which are taken with a slow-motion camera––are exceptionally well-made and visually captivating. This channel is great for those who like to continue to learn about unique topics past their traditional education.
      1. PBS Idea Channel
        The PBS Idea Channel has a vibrant catalog of videos that discuss everything from food and video games to larger concepts about the way people think and act. Through pop culture references, the series aims to get viewers to discuss videos critically and inspire new ideas. The Idea Channel no longer posts new videos, but the interesting and thought-provoking topics are still relevant today.
      1. TED-Ed
        Part of the expansive TED community, TED-Ed pairs talented educators with animators to create educational videos that share creative concepts and ideas alongside beautiful animation. TED-Ed videos are both captivating and informative; viewers will find themselves mesmerized for hours learning about topics they had never even considered.

      These are only a handful of the thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to education, but they promise entertaining and informative content for students of all ages. What are some of your favorite educational YouTube channels? Let us know in the comments below!

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