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      The Hottest New Educational Products of 2017

      Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Sat, Apr 1, 2017

      Technology advances quickly, and some educational groups are on the cutting edge. Here are some exciting new developments that focus directly on teachers’ needs in the classroom:

      Self-signing permission slips: Teachers become frustrated with permission slips that go home and never get signed. Teachers-R-Us now has an ingenious new invention that fixes this issue: Simply send home the permission slip printed on the special Auto-Paper©. If it is unsigned, an illegible scribble is inserted, and viola—no more worry about getting it signed!

      The silent electric pencil sharpener: Are you tired of hearing loud noises in your classroom all the time? Electric sharpeners are great—much better than the tiring circling of the old-fashioned pencil sharpeners. With today’s standard of electric windows in cars, students can hardly make the circling motion with their arms anyway. Electro, Inc. has released a brand-new model that is silent when used. The sharpening mechanism actually sucks the sound out of the air as it turns. What will they think of next?!

      The extremely interactive whiteboard: Interactive whiteboards are a game changer and way of life for teachers that have them. But what if they were even more interactive than they are now? Mimio has introduced the MEGA IWB 2020 that is sure to keep students engaged—whether they like it or not. The MEGA has video sensors that monitor the classroom for students who are visually engaged with the content. If MEGA senses that students are looking out the window or glancing at a significant other in the classroom, it will “correct” the student with a squirt of water, the launch of a tennis ball, or burst of fragrant sulfur in the direction of the student. MEGA IWB 2020 is sure to be a winner in the classroom! (Some assembly is required.)

      The un-disgustifying app: For those students with the worse hygiene habits—digging for gold, using the sleeve as a tissue, releasing gas in the classroom—the Disgustify app can help. Developed by students, for students, the app requires a sensor kit attached to the device through USB or 30-pin connector (it looks a lot like a LabDisc). The sensors pick up on unwanted motions in the area (picking), general unruliness (grinning), and changes in the air (smelling). With the sound of a quiet tone, the student knows to refocus, get a tissue, or take some Beano. 

      Lunchroom goggles: Some of our pickiest eaters are the students who need nutrition the most. Acme’s new food-based goggles, or Foggles™, are sure to be a big hit with students and parents alike. The concept is simple: Students wear the glasses into the lunchroom, they look at their tray, and the vegetables and fruit look like candy and waffles! Most of the foods mimic things found in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so students can use their imagination while eating broccoli that looks like Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers.

      The teacher reinforcer: Having a hard time getting through that pile of grading? Know you need to make a few parent phone calls, but having trouble doing it? Then the new Teacher Reinforcer is for you! Developed for teachers, by teachers, the TR is practical in any classroom. The teacher simply loads the device with whatever motivates them: oatmeal cream pies, peanut butter M&Ms, pictures of Matthew McConaughey—whatever it may be. The teacher then sets the calibrator and locks the machine. The only way to get to the treats from inside is to complete the task. If the calibrator is set to five, the reward will come out when five graded worksheets are inserted. The intuitive technology adjusts and increases the rewards for times during the school year that are sure to be tough: parent-teacher conferences, Halloween, and the entire month of February.

      As you can see, inventors and entrepreneurs are filling the many needs found in today’s classroom. Be sure to find the product that works best for you!

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