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Getting More from Your Lessons with Mimio: A New Feature on MimioConnect

Posted by Travis Rink on Wed, Jun 18, 2014

Mimio helps you make your lessons more collaborative, more interactive, and more effective.

Get More From Your Lessons with MimioTake a lesson – any lesson – and make it better? That’s what you can do when you put Instructional Design components to work. Now you can see just how it’s done via a new bimonthly feature on mimioconnect.com. We take a teacher-created lesson and show how to apply one or more of these components to take a lesson to the next level – one that increases student engagement and leads to more positive learning outcomes.


These are the basic components of Instructional Design:

  • Interactivity. Does the activity have numerous opportunities for the students to practice the skills they need?
  • Aesthetics. Are pages uncluttered, making effective use of space? Are the activities laid out relative to the information they contain? Is there attractive use of media, line, space, shape, texture, and color?
  • Instruction.Are there learning objectives that are student-focused, observable, and measurable? Is the lesson sequenced from few-to-many and easy-to-difficult? Are the activities and feedback meaningful and relevant?
  • Originality. Is the lesson innovative or memorable? Do the activities provide new or unusual experiences?
  • Collaboration. Does the lesson provide opportunities for multiple students to participate?

 Download the Instructional Design PDF. >>

To see these instructional design components in action, watch for the “before and after”lesson examples we’ll be sharing on mimioconnect.com. They’ll be a new one every two weeks. Check out the first one right now! 



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