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      Boxlight Brands Win 10 Best of 2022 Awards from Tech & Learning

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Jan 31, 2023

      The Boxlight family has 10 reasons to celebrate early in the year – we won 10 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence. Five of our solutions earned Best of 2022 in both Primary and Secondary categories – Attention! campus communication solution, MimioPro 4 interactive display, CleverLive cloud content management platform,  Robo 3D printer, and EOS Education Professional Development services. 

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      Start STEM Instruction with New Lessons from MyStemKits

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Jan 4, 2023

      Incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning is essential to foster so-called soft skills such as critical thinking, perseverance, communication, and creative problem-solving. Purposeful STEM education should begin at the earliest grades where these key skills can begin to develop. With the ongoing support of training and SME mentoring, even the most reticent teachers can implement STEM instruction with students at all ages and learning abilities. 

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      Topics: STEM Lessons, STEM, STEM education, MyStemKits

      STEM CAREERS: Business Operations Manager

      Posted by Hannah Olson on Wed, Nov 30, 2022

      Business operation managers are called on to improve an operation’s effectiveness. They also improve the transfer of information between various internal departments so that they might work efficiently together. 

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      Topics: STEM Lessons, STEM, STEM education, MyStemKits

      STEM CAREERS: Mathematician and Statistician

      Posted by Hannah Olson on Thu, Nov 10, 2022

      A mathematician is someone who uses their knowledge to solve mathematical problems as they relate to real-world situations. Mathematicians are scientists who, with their specialized knowledge and professional methodology, approach many of the imposing problems presented in related scientific fields. Likewise, a statistician collects and analyzes data, looking for patterns that explain behavior or describe the world as it is. 

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      Topics: STEM, STEM education, MyStemKits

      10 STEM Activities to Make Learning Fun!

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Nov 8, 2022

      Teachers and students are discovering new and engaging ways to incorporate dynamic STEM experiences into their teaching and learning. Below are 10 activities that have boosted key skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and problem solving while showing students that STEM exploration is fun! 

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      Topics: STEM Lessons, STEM, STEM education, MyStemKits, MimioSTEM

      STEM CAREERS: Actuary

      Posted by Hannah Olson on Wed, Nov 2, 2022

      Actuaries are typically associated with mathematics, but this career is often categorized as a science which applies math and data analysis. They use these analyses to produce strategic methods for professional operations. 

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      Topics: STEM, STEM education, MyStemKits

      STEM CAREERS: Financial Analyst

      Posted by Hannah Olson on Wed, Jul 27, 2022

      Financial Analysts provide guidance to individuals and businesses on investments such as stocks and bonds. To help their clients’ growth, they keep up with current economic trends, business news, and company strategies. 

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      Topics: STEM, STEM education, MyStemKits

      STEM Lesson: Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

      Posted by Meredith Williams on Wed, Apr 20, 2022

      In this lesson Meredith Williams, Boxlight MimioMaster, shares how she used the MyStemKits Cells: Plant Kit and Cells: Animal Kit to help her students review key concepts. 

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      Topics: STEM Lessons, STEM, MyStemKits, MimioSTEM, MimioMaster

      Get Started with Our Guide to Makerspace

      Posted by Boxlight on Mon, Apr 4, 2022

      The maker movement has increased in popularity, including in schools where hands-on activities and lessons have become an essential strategy for learning. Schools across the country have successfully created and maintained dynamic makerspaces to spark student imagination and creative thinking as well as curiosity in learning more about STEM-related topics. 

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      Topics: STEM, Makerspace, MimioSTEM

      3D Printing in the Classroom

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Mar 29, 2022

      There are positive benefits that interactive, hands-on education has on learning such as providing students with multiple opportunities to see the world beyond the classroom walls via real-world connections. STEM education has influenced how teachers guide their students to identify real-world problems, research and design practical solutions, and collaborate and communicate their ideas with others. A STEM tool that has become a familiar fixture in many classrooms and school makerspaces is the 3D printer.  

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      Topics: STEM, Webinars, STEM education, Robo3D, Makerspace, MimioSTEM

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