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      Streamline Outdoor Procedures and More with Lyrik

      Posted by FrontRow on Tue, May 7, 2024

      Effective communication on a school campus is key to ensuring smooth operations and student safety throughout the day. For those responsible for conveying important information, a portable audio system is a flexible asset, facilitating clear communication despite ambient noise. A powerful and versatile portable audio system is Lyrik from FrontRow by Boxlight. Let's delve into how Lyrik amplifies connectivity and organization throughout a standard school day. 

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      Topics: campus communication, campus safety, Lyrik, communication, portable audio

      Maximizing Outdoor Communication with Portable Audio

      Posted by FrontRow on Mon, Apr 29, 2024

      Picture a bustling school field, students eager for physical education. But amidst the excitement, the PE teacher's instructions get lost in outdoor noise, frustrating both students and teacher. What can help them enjoy the activity? A portable audio system, equipped with advanced audio features, can amplify communication clarity, enhancing outdoor learning experiences and activities. 

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      Topics: Lyrik, audio, portable audio

      The Role of Portable Audio in Classroom Settings

      Posted by FrontRow on Wed, Apr 17, 2024

      Maintaining clear and effective communication with students can be a struggle for teachers. Recognizing this, portable audio systems offer a practical solution. Portable audio can enable teachers to overcome communication barriers and ensure that every student can hear instructions and explanations clearly, regardless of the teaching environment. Whether indoors or outdoors, during routine classroom activities or special events like field trips, portable audio systems provide educators with the flexibility they need to enhance communication and engagement, ultimately fostering a more inclusive learning experience for all students. 

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