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      [Infographic] Finding the Right Interactive Solution and Size for Your Budget

      Posted by Stevan Vigneaux on Wed, Mar 22, 2017

      Which Interactive Solution Is Right for Your School?

      Interactive technologies offer an effective, engaging, and easy way to provide teacher-led instruction. Whole-class tools are designed to put students at the center of the educational environment, so they’re more engaged, more collaborative, and more motivated.

      There’s a wide array of choices when it comes to whole-class technology, which you can read about in our recent blog articles: portable IWBs, interactive projectors (standard and laser), touch boards, and flat panel displays. Some of the most important considerations are what will work for your classroom configurations and for the teaching and learning styles of your educators and students.

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      Topics: Education Technology, Interactive Whiteboard, MimioTeach, Interactive Projectors

      Finding the Right Classroom Solution: Interactive Projectors

      Posted by Stevan Vigneaux on Tue, Feb 28, 2017

      Whole-class learning is a key aspect of the modern classroom, but how do you find the right solution for your school? There are a variety of options, so you need to take a closer look at each one to determine which is the best choice for your students, teachers, curriculum, and budget.

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