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      Act Fast on ESSER Funds 2023

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, May 3, 2023
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      Topics: Funding, education funding, grants, Grants Assistance Program, ESSER

      Planning for School Safety: The Importance of Safety Measures and Grants Assistance Programs

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, May 2, 2023

      Planning for school threat response procedures is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff. By having a clear plan in place, schools can respond quickly and effectively to potential threats, reducing the risk of injury or harm. Additionally, planning for school threat response procedures can help create a culture of safety and security, giving students, parents, and staff peace of mind and a sense of confidence in their school's ability to keep them safe.  

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      Topics: grants, campus safety, School Safety, Grants Assistance Program, grant writing


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