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      10 Ed Tech Tips and Tricks to Start the School Year Strong

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Mon, Aug 28, 2023

      Top 10 Tech Tips and Tricks_08.28.23

      As educators, integrating technology brings new opportunities for engaging learning experiences and efficient classroom management. This new school year is the perfect time to leverage the potential of educational technology for a dynamic and productive learning environment. Whether you're well-versed or just starting your journey with Ed Tech, these top 10 practical tips and tricks will help you achieve your goals. 


      1. Tech Setup

      Before diving into lessons, ensure that all devices, apps, and platforms are up-to-date. A smooth tech setup minimizes disruptions and maximizes valuable teaching time. Remember to check compatibility, test tools, and have backups ready in case of any unexpected glitches. 

      2. Icebreakers

      Build a sense of community in your classroom with engaging icebreaker activities. These can include digital introductions for students remote learning to help students connect with you and their peers, setting a positive tone for the school year. Icebreakers can include fun polls, virtual scavenger hunts, or creative "get to know you" presentations. 

      3. Clear Communication

      Open communication channels are crucial to build a close classroom community. Establish clear guidelines for how to communicate with one another inside and outside of the classroom. This includes expectations for using messaging platforms or email to ensure students can reach out when needed. For students remote learning, set open office hours and/or schedule Q & A sessions. 

      4. Organize Content

      With various digital resources, keeping everything organized is essential. Create folders and labels for assignments, readings, and resources to help you and your students locate materials easily. Utilize virtual boards to visually structure lessons, making content visually engaging and easily navigable. 

      5. Tech Troubleshooting

      Familiarize yourself with common technical issues and solutions. Knowing how to troubleshoot basic problems like audio or video disruptions can save valuable instructional time. Provide students with a troubleshooting guide to empower them to resolve minor tech-related challenges independently. 

      6. Interactive Tools

      Engagement continues to be a paramount focus in modern classrooms. Embrace interactive tools such as polls, quizzes, and ready-to-use Ed Tech curriculum to cultivate vibrant participation. These resources elevate passive listening into dynamic learning encounters, fostering motivation and involvement. Additionally, consider integrating STEM education, robotics, 3D printing, and interactive displays to enhance the learning journey even further. 

      7. Digital Citizenship

      Promote digital etiquette and online safety in both in-classroom and remote learning environments to foster a respectful and secure educational experience. Engage students in conversations about responsible online conduct, respectful communication, and the significance of safeguarding personal information. 

      8. Stay Connected

      Maintain a personal connection with your students by scheduling regular check-ins, whether you're in a physical classroom, a virtual space, or a hybrid setting. These can take the form of one-on-one discussions or small group interactions. These sessions offer valuable moments to address individual concerns, reinforce learning, and build stronger relationships. 

      9. Record and Share

      Capture your lessons through recordings to accommodate students who might miss a class or prefer to review the material. This approach enhances accessibility, benefiting both in-person and remote learners in hybrid and virtual classrooms alike. Share these recordings via an easy-to-use platform or LMS so students have easy access to valuable resources. 

      10. Embrace Feedback

      Create a feedback loop that spans all learning environments—physical, virtual, or hybrid. Invite insights from students about their experiences, challenges, and ideas. This collective input empowers you to make well-informed adjustments, enhancing your Ed Tech integration and refining your teaching strategies for all settings. 

      As we step into this school year, these Ed Tech tips and tricks will empower you to develop a dynamic teaching and learning experience. By emphasizing organization, engagement, and communication, you'll lay the foundation for a successful year of learning and progress. Embrace the potential of Ed Tech and watch your students flourish! 


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