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      10 Summer Opportunities for Teachers to Recharge and Learn

      Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Wed, Jun 12, 2019
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      Summer vacation is a great time for educators to get some much-needed rest and relaxation after a busy school year and intense testing season. However, getting too relaxed can make for a rough transition into the next school year. To take full advantage of your well-deserved free time, it’s important to fill your summer with productive, fun, and fulfilling activities that will leave you refreshed and ready to dive into another great year come fall.

      Here are 10 ways you can be productive this summer while still having fun:

      1. Serve and study while you travel

      Join a cross-cultural exchange program and travel to a foreign country for free by exchanging your skills as an educator for travel to and living expenses in countries all over the world. Some programs require serving as a teacher, while others involve a study program and creation of resources for other educators to use in the future.

      1. Join a fitness class or club

      If you’ve been wanting to try out a fun fitness class or join a local gym but haven’t had the time or energy to do so during the school year, now is your chance! Many fitness clubs offer membership discounts for educators—just make sure to bring your teacher ID when you go to sign up!

      1. Attend ISTE

      One of the year’s hottest EdTech events comes around every summer in June, bringing together educators, education leaders, and EdTech vendors from all over the world. Attend ISTE this year from June 23–26 to discover new EdTech trends and products, network with fellow education professionals, and brainstorm and share creative ideas and best practices for implementing technology in the classroom.

      1. Put time into your hobby

      Whether you’re a master painter or have been wanting to learn how to knit, summer vacation is a great time to dive into a hobby. If your hobby involves making a final product, try selling your creations online through Etsy or at a local artist market to make some extra cash.

      1. Teach English online

      If you’re looking for some part-time work over the summer but can’t leave your kids to go to a physical job, try teaching English online from home. Your teaching credentials and experience will make you the perfect candidate, and you’ll make as much as $25 an hour—all on your own schedule.

      1. Volunteer your time

      If you have time to give over the break, find a local organization to volunteer with. Community service can be an enriching opportunity to help others and meet new people. If you have kids, bring them along to teach them the importance of serving their community while you enjoy some time together out of the house.

      1. Schedule all of your annual appointments

      This one might not be so fun, but it can be a really productive use of your free time to schedule your regular dentist, annual physical, and routine eye appointments during the summer. Save your days off during the school year for when you really need them—not for annual appointments that can be done over summer vacation.

      1. Read some of the books that have been on your list forever

      During the school year, you may find your reading list stacking up fast, but after a long day of teaching and grading papers, reading a book for leisure is probably the last thing on your mind. Summer is a great time to catch up on your ever-growing reading list while you have the time and mental energy.

      1. Work or volunteer at a summer camp

      At the end of the school year, you might just need a break from being surrounded by kids all day. But if you’re passionate about serving youth year-round, consider working at a summer camp. Many camps are looking for experienced educators to fill directing and planning positions.

      1. Find professional development opportunities

      Summer is the perfect time to focus on your personal education and dive into professional development, whether through free, online resources or taking a course at your local community college. Boxlight offers no-cost Quick Learn training sessions that give you the opportunity to earn professional development credits just for attending. This summer, Boxlight is offering MimioStudio™ Educator certification at 50% off, so you can get 6 hours of PD for only $75! Learn more now.>>

      No matter what you choose to do this summer, be sure to focus on yourself. After spending the whole school year dedicated to the success and wellbeing of your students, summer vacation is your time to do whatever fulfills you outside of the classroom.

      What do you like to do to stay productive during your summer break? Let us know in the comments below. And to keep up with the latest education news and trends over the summer, be sure to subscribe to the Educator blog!

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