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15 YouTube Channels to Promote Curiosity in STEM

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, Aug 29, 2019


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is one of the biggest education trends of the decade. With an estimated 2.4 million STEM jobs that were unfilled by the end of 2018, it’s more important than ever to promote curiosity in these subjects so students will choose valuable STEM careers.

To pique students’ interest and help them become proficient in STEM subjects so they can succeed in the future, teachers need to provide students with as many useful and engaging resources as possible. As a thriving digital platform, YouTube is a great place to find valuable STEM content to help build your students’ excitement about STEM and give them access to unique ideas.

Here are 15 YouTube channels that promote curiosity in STEM:

  1. Vsauce: Michael Stevens started Vsauce in 2010 to share informative videos about physics, space, and more. His videos explain several physics phenomena and answer interesting questions that will spark curiosity in the minds of students. Vsauce also has two other channels, Vsauce2 and Vsauce3, as well as a YouTube Originals show.
  2. CGPGrey: CGP Grey makes videos about geography and the world, as well as some about science and technology. Most of the videos have illustrative animations to help explain the concepts and ideas in an interesting and visual way. CGP Grey also has several other associated channels, including a podcast channel called Cortex.
  3. Kurzgesagt: Kurzgesagt is described as a channel that makes “videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.” They make beautiful animations that explain science principles and ideas. These engaging videos, such as “Why Alien Life Would Be Our Doom,” will stimulate students’ imagination.
  4. Veritasium: Veritasium makes videos about science, education, and other interesting topics. These videos discuss big ideas and explain misconceptions in science. Students will learn important STEM principles through cool and engaging videos with experiments and more.
  5. list25: This channel strives to consistently conciliate curiosity by making videos that compile lists of 25 things that fit into a certain category, such as “25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds” and “25 Fascinating Facts About Egyptian Pyramids You May Not Know.” These videos can help create interest to inspire further research into a topic.
  6. Science Channel: The Science Channel posts videos with fun experiments, street science, and “how it’s made” videos. The experiments can help students understand how different processes work with their engaging visual representations.
  7. Cody’sLab: CodyDon Reeder makes videos about the cool and crazy things he does, including science, bees, and other hobby projects. Many of his videos are vlog-style, while others follow a series concept, like “Will It Charcoal?” Students get a first-person look at interesting experiments and the scientific hobbies of the channel creator.
  8. Mental Floss: Mental Floss makes videos for knowledge junkies, sharing loads of interesting trivia facts in informative videos. This channel will open students’ minds to topics they may have never thought of and spark conversations about different misconceptions and big questions they may have had.
  9. BrainCraft: Vanessa Hill of BrainCraft is a science educator and psychology specialist who makes videos about the brain, body, and behavior to help students better understand themselves and the world. She shares evidence-based information to enrich students’ understanding of science and psychology, boost well-being, strengthen relationships, and increase productivity.
  10. THNKR: This channel, produced by RadicalMedia, gives access to stories and ideas to make viewers think and change their minds about previous biases. Different series on this channel give viewers access to game-changing books, perspectives from thought leaders around the world, oration and conversation, and the experiences of young prodigies.
  11. Physics Girl: Dianna Cowern created this channel to offer an adventure into the physical sciences through experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries. Cowern received a physics degree from MIT and went on to pursue careers in scientific research and software engineering before becoming Physics Girl full time. Produced by PBS Digital Studios, the Physics Girl channel provides inspiring STEM content from a female scientist and is bound to get your students excited about women in STEM.
  12. Deep Look: Deep Look offers videos that magnify the tiny parts of science using macro photography and microscopy in 4K resolution, making it possible to see the world up close. This channel from KQED and PBS Digital Studios will give students a new perspective on scientific processes and concepts that they otherwise would have never been able to see in such detail.
  13. Thought Café: This channel has a variety of animated videos that dive into topics in science, physics, and space. Many of the videos pose a question that is designed to provoke thought and get students to discover new ideas in STEM. The channel also offers some videos that go behind the scenes about animation and explain several of the programs and techniques used to create the animations for another educational YouTube channel, Crash Course.
  14. Step-by-Step Science: Step-by-Step Science has hundreds of physics, chemistry, and math videos. Everything in the videos is explained in a clear sequential manner, so students can easily follow on their own. With this channel, students can find descriptive and informative help with their homework in videos explaining graphs, circuits, and more.
  15. Joe Scott: Joe Scott hosts Answers With Joe, a series where he takes questions and comments and deconstructs them to find the interestingness—the funny, unique, and universal truths that give viewers a new perspective on the world. His videos are meant to inspire thought and discussion, with topics like universal basic income and how the world views America.

What are your favorite YouTube channels to get students excited about STEM? Let us know in the comments below. For additional STEM blogs, resources, and products, be sure to check out our STEM resource library!


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