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      5 Activities to Celebrate World Rainforest Day

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Thu, Jun 22, 2023

      World Rainforest Day 2023

      Today is World Rainforest Day, a global celebration that takes place annually on June 22nd. World Rainforest Day is a reminder of the important role rainforests play in our planet's health and biodiversity. Take the opportunity to inspire your students and foster their love for nature through interactive learning activities that spark their interest and motivation to protect these valuable ecosystems. Let's explore some fun ideas to engage your students and deepen their understanding of rainforests, their importance, and the need for conservation.   

      1. Virtual Rainforest Tour

      Take your students on a virtual expedition to explore the wonders of the rainforest. Use online resources, such as 360-degree videos or interactive websites, that provide an immersive experience. Have students observe the diverse flora and fauna, and task them with identifying different species of trees, animals, and plants. Discuss the interdependence within the ecosystem and highlight the importance of preserving such delicate balance. 

      2. Climate Insights

      Use a portable sensor, like the Labdisc Portable STEM Lab, to measure the temperature and humidity of different microclimates formed by different types of vegetation such as trees, grass, and flowers. Use the data collected to support an argument that highlights the importance of preventing deforestation in places like rainforests.  

      3. Research Rainforest Diversity

      Assign student teams a specific rainforest species – plant, animal, insect - to research. Encourage them to explore its habitat, diet, unique features, and its role within the rainforest ecosystem. Teams present their findings through engaging presentations using Google Slides and shared on the front-of-the-class display. Students in the audience can take notes and share feedback after each presentation. 

      4. Tales of the Rainforest

      Storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging students and fostering empathy. Have students create imaginative stories set in the rainforest. The stories should include characters who embark on adventures and encounter different environmental challenges. Stories can be created using Google Slides or a drawing app and shared on the classroom interactive display or collated into a series of presentations and played during a specific time of the instructional day. Through this activity, students can explore the impact of deforestation, climate change, or human intervention, while encouraging critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. 

      5. Advocates of the Rainforest

      Empower your students to become rainforest advocates via a public service campaign. They can create informative posters for the school or local library, create slide presentations or short videos for social media, or organize a fundraising event for rainforest conservation organizations. Through getting involved, students will learn how important they are as citizens of the world and feel empowered to make a difference for the better. 

      World Rainforest Day presents a wonderful opportunity to inspire and educate your students about the beauty and significance of rainforests. By incorporating interactive learning activities, you can engage their curiosity, deepen their understanding, and empower them to become environmental protectors. Together, let's celebrate and protect these vital ecosystems on World Rainforest Day and beyond. 

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