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5 Reasons to Utilize Immersive Learning in Your Classroom

Posted by Debbie Dotson, M.Ed. on Wed, Dec 11, 2019
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Immersive learning is a type of learning that incorporates a simulated or artificial learning environment. The learner is able to explore the virtual environment as they would the real world, making immersive learning feel just like the actual learning environment that is being simulated.

This type of learning is incredibly helpful when it comes to replicating real-world scenarios to boost learning experiences, immersing students in a hypothetical situation they may or may not be able to experience in real life. Because of its unique ability to fully engage students visually, mentally, and even physically, immersive learning is becoming more and more popular in the classroom. Teachers are joining in on this growing trend because of the immense impact it has on students, improving their learning experiences and helping to grow their understanding of deep and complex topics.

Here are five reasons you should utilize immersive learning in your classroom:

  1. Students retain information better after experiencing what they’re learning.
    Students learn best when they apply their knowledge in real-world situations, which is why classroom dissection labs are so popular for teaching biology. However, hands-on experiences like this are not always practical for your students or school. With an immersive learning alternative like VR dissection, students gain the same real-world application experience in a way that is more humane, more affordable for your school, and that won’t exclude students who are squeamish or have personal reasons they can’t participate in traditional dissection.
  1. It keeps students engaged throughout the lesson or activity.
    Many students are easily distracted when they try to complete tasks in the classroom—especially when these tasks are centered around students’ personal devices. With immersive learning, students can guide their own experience, which gives them greater ownership of their learning. Also, with endless opportunities for experimentation and exploration, students never run out of ways to dive further into the topic or lesson they’re discovering through an immersive experience.

  2. Students are able to learn real-world skills in a no-stress environment.
    Certain skills can only be practiced in very specific situations that are hard to replicate in a classroom setting. For example, crisis situations—such as needing to use CPR on someone in an emergency—can’t be recreated in the classroom with the same urgency as the situation would have in the real world. With immersive learning crisis simulators, such as Lifesaver VR, students are able to experience the pressure of making quick, life-altering decisions without a real person’s life on the line. This gives students the space to make mistakes and mentally prepare to apply these skills in the real world.

  3. It allows students to experience places or activities they don’t have real-world access to.
    As much as it might enrich your students’ learning experience to take them on a field trip to Paris to visit the Louvre, that isn’t feasible for most classes, students, or schools. Apps like Google Expeditions offer immersive field trips to help bring inaccessible places, artifacts, and experiences to life for students—without having to spend money on travel and field trip resources.
  1. Students can gain a new perspective.
    Immersive learning experiences give students the opportunity to encounter situations that they personally could never experience or that are not replicable in the classroom. From taking a journey through a cell to learn about viruses to social and emotional learning challenges, students can gain a unique perspective and deeper understanding of complex topics through immersive learning opportunities.

Immersive learning can be a valuable addition to your classroom to engage students and provide opportunity for student-led learning and discovery. Have you tried immersive learning activities in your classroom? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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