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      A Teacher’s List to Santa

      Posted by Claire Jones on Wed, Dec 20, 2017

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      Teachers enjoy the holidays for multiple reasons: Two weeks off school, extra time with our family, a few extra moments to catch up on a good book or television show, and—of course—presents! Even teachers make a list for Santa, and they are checking it twice hoping they get something nice. What’s on your list for Santa this year? Perhaps your list is full of things that others teachers also want most. 

      After polling elementary school colleagues and friends, here are the top 5 gifts that teachers said would “wow” them this year:

      1. The smile and excitement of a student presenting a gift to their teacher.
      2. Gift cards—especially to places we wouldn’t spend our own money (like Starbucks).
      3. A handmade gift from a student or their family.
      4. Wine.
      5. Cash!!

      Have you ever wondered just what those students are bringing their teachers on their last day before break? Or have you seen the beautiful bags and packages covering a teacher’s desk just before the final bell rings? Some teachers hesitate to open these gifts in front of students and parents because of the questions or stunned looks on students and teachers alike as we all wonder, “Wow…what IS that?!”

      After polling elementary school colleagues and friends again, here are the 5 oddest gifts that teachers have received (yes, in real life):

      1. Pantyhose.
      2. A silky pink fabric jewelry box with a large tassel on top.
      3. Bright pink and florescent blue eyeshadow.
      4. Mini robotic dog.
      5. Gift certificate to a local turkey farm.

      Lastly, if we just left it up to the kids (third graders in this case), what would they choose to give us or think that we wanted? Here’s their list, in no particular order:

      1. Candles.
      2. Kids who obey what you say.
      3. A diamond ring.
      4. A cleaning robot.
      5. Makeup.

      It’s a good thing they have families to help guide them to a cost-effective gift choice for their teacher this year! 

      So, whether you’ve received a “wow” gift or a “what?!” gift, it’s the kindness and excitement that is appreciated. No gift from a student will replace our friends and family and the time we are able to spend with them over the holiday break, but the smile and proud look on the face of an elementary student presenting their teacher with a gift is probably on most teachers’ wish lists for Santa.

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