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      Another Successful Year for Boxlight STEM Day

      Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Wed, May 29, 2019
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      On May 3, we celebrated the fourth Boxlight STEM Day (#BLSTEM) in conjunction with TAG-Ed’s Georgia STEM Day (#GASTEMDay). Students around Georgia, as well as several locations in Latin America, participated in lessons conducted with the Boxlight Labdisc. STEM Day is a hands-on, inquiry-based learning event designed to help students discover critical STEM skills and understand how STEM disciplines apply to the world around them. Lessons ranged in topics from heart rate and light absorbance to Newton’s second law.

      Here’s how schools in Georgia and beyond participated in Boxlight STEM Day from their classrooms:


      • At Oakcliff Elementary School in DeKalb County, GA, fifth grade students used the Labdisc to measure data from electrical circuits. In the “All Charged Up” lesson, students used the Labdisc Gensci to determine the difference in voltage between the various sizes of batteries. Students even tested limes for electrical currents as a control in the experiment.

      • Kindergarten students at Flat Shoals Elementary School in DeKalb County, GA measured the temperatures of different items in a lesson with the Labdisc Gensci.

      • At Colegio Frida Kahlo in Lerma, Mexico State, sixth grade primary school students participated in a Next Generation Science Standards-aligned lesson we provided titled “What Is Distance?” with the Gensci and Physio Labdisc units.

      • Champion STEM Academy students at Champion Theme Middle School in DeKalb County, GA engaged with other non-academy students in various STEM challenges as part of their STEM Day learning activities.

      • At Colegio Lumena de Zitácuaro in Michoacán, Mexico, 30 secondary school students participated in measuring the pH of drinks with our “How Acidic Are the Things We Drink?” lesson. Students tested different drinks—such as soda, milk, coffee, water, and others—using the Enviro, Gensci, and BioChem Labdisc units.

      • At Escuela Tomas Alva Edison in Mexico City, 20 secondary school students participated in measuring the variation of light with our “Variation of Light Intensity” lesson. These students measured different sources of light—such as a candle, fluorescent light, flashlight, and sunlight—using the Gensci, Physio, and BioChem Labdisc units.

      The full list of schools that participated in Boxlight STEM Day 2019 include:

      • Avondale Elementary School, Avondale Estates, GA
      • Champion Theme Middle School, Stone Mountain, GA
      • Flat Shoals Elementary School, Decatur, GA
      • Oakcliff Elementary School, Atlanta, GA
      • Peachtree Middle School, Atlanta, GA
      • Smokerise Elementary School, Stone Mountain, GA
      • Stone Mill Elementary School, Stone Mountain, GA
      • Briarlake Elementary School, Decatur, GA
      • Lowndes County, GA
      • Colegio Frida Kahlo, Lerma, Mexico State
      • Colegio Lumena de Zitácuaro, Michoacán, Mexico
      • Escuela Tomas Alva Edison, Mexico City, Mexico

      STEM Day helps to raise awareness among local schools and the education technology industry about the importance of STEM education and inquiry-based learning. Also, being able to use the Labdisc to engage in their learning helps students learn fundamental skills necessary to complete experiments in higher education and beyond. By setting up students with the knowledge and skills needed for college and careers in science- and technology-based industries, we can promote a strong generation of tomorrow’s engineers and innovators.

      Want to learn more about incorporating STEM learning to enable tomorrow’s engineers and innovators? Check out our full list of STEM products and resources to discover how you can easily and effectively bring STEM learning to your schools and students.

      Interested in being part of our next STEM Day? Learn more now.>>


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