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      Back to School Tips and Training for Teachers

      Posted by Travis Rink on Fri, Sep 1, 2017

      New Teacher Trainging courses and Lessons from Boxlight.

      This certainly is an exciting time with the start of a new school year! It’s another opportunity to build relationships with students and truly make a difference in their world in ways we can’t even fully imagine. As an educator for 22 years, I have always loved the beginning of school—especially when I have the opportunity to have a fresh start. It’s a lot of work to get the ship ready to sail for the voyage ahead, but I truly enjoy it. Whether it involves creating the perfect lesson plans for an exciting new project, making curriculum tweaks to provide the latest great resources, or finding new ways to integrate teaching tools to make learning more interactive and fun, I find this hard work really satisfying.

      Fresh Content for the New School Year

      Looking to spruce up your lessons and engage your students this month? Here is the latest content for September to help you get started on the right track:

      Back To School Gallery Packs from BoxlightBack to School Gallery Pack: Filled with everything you need to start the school year, this pack includes all of the lesson pages in both regular and wide format with a fresh new look. You can choose from a wide variety of completed lessons, or create your own customized pages.

      September 2017 Calendar and Morning Meeting: Be sure to check out the September calendar and morning meeting content, offering practice and reinforcement of skills using the featured activities. Now available in both wide and regular versions—pick whichever works best for you!

      If you enjoyed the above content, consider joining the MimioConnect interactive teaching community to access more valuable lesson content and resources. Click here to register today!

      Choose From 28 Quick Learn Sessions

      September is also a perfect time for teachers to brush up on any technology they have access to or learn how to start implementing new tech tools in the classroom that could enhance student learning. You might find a lot of value in enhancing your skills—or learning new ones—with Mimio Quick Learn sessions this month. We’ve loaded the September calendar up with the most free interactive training sessions we’ve ever offered (28 sessions!) that cover the basics of using Mimio products and MimioStudio in your classroom, advanced features that will have a measurable impact in your classroom, and everything in between.

      Click here to see the impressive selection of Quick Learn sessions available this month.

      Lunch and Learn Teacher Training

      Lunch and Learn Teacher Training Earns PD Credit

      Something just as exciting this month will be the introduction of eight Lunch and Learn teacher training sessions focused on the MimioStudio software. These will provide another opportunity within the school day to discover how to start small and build upon what you already have. The training sessions will begin with a “Tour of MimioStudio,” where you’ll learn how to use simple tools right away to make an impact your classroom. Plus, you will earn a professional development certificate for each course!

      The tour continues taking you through how to enrich any existing lessons you have with interactive content, as well as learning how to use any number of features in the MimioStudio software to create your own interactive lessons. What’s more, teachers who use Mimio tools in the classroom every day will teach the sessions.

      Check out the following Lunch and Learn sessions listed below, as well as the remaining sessions scheduled in the early evening to suit your needs.

      As a classroom teacher, I’m not telling you anything new when I say that teachers never have enough time in the day to get things done—especially once the year gets rolling. Yet, with the passion instilled in our very nature, we tend to find ways to get things done when needed. There are so many tools, lessons, projects, and instructional strategies to help you achieve the curriculum goals you have. However, there’s only one resource that can make it all happen: YOU! I encourage you to challenge yourself this year and continue pushing yourself to find new ways to impact a child. Have a great start to the year!

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