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Cole Canyon School Tests Mimio Educational Technology

Posted by Alyssa O'Mara on Wed, Aug 29, 2012

MimioReadingandMimioTeach"Teaching today has to be more hands-on, integrated, and thematic, instead of worksheet and drill-oriented” says Mike Marble, principal of the Cole Canyon Elementary School in Muretta, CA. To address this issue, Marble armed Anne Hess with a MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard and the MimioReading™ comprehension suite.

Educational Technology Should Engage
Both Student and Teacher

Educational technology should be about enhancing student learning, not about teachers learning new technology. "I’ve been teaching for over 25 years, and what I’ve observed is that often the problem with most technologies is the technology itself," says Hess. "Some technologies have a steep learning curve. Others are too difficult for teachers to integrate with their existing lesson plans. Still others fail to interest teachers and students after the initial excitement wears off. That’s not true with the MimioTeach!"

Watch Your Students Get Engaged

Students often have trouble figuring out the concept of main idea in reading comprehension activities. Hess used the educational games in the MimioReading program to teach and reinforce this concept through multiple reading activities. The students actually go up to the board and participate in finding the main idea of a specific passage. Being able to actually see the main idea reinforces the learning and helps them in other subjects.

Read the Complete Case Study

Download the complete case study to see the results of Cole Canyon's pilot of MimioTeach interactive whiteboards and the MimioReading comprehension suite.


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