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      Posted by Marta Leon on Wed, Jul 25, 2012

      MimioReading comprehension suite group instruction

      Many schools struggle when it comes to teaching reading comprehension.

      Every educational source seems to have some suggestion for how to teach this essential skill, yet none offers an approach that explicitly teaches reading comprehension strategies that students can learn and use across a wide variety of passages, questions, and topics. 


      Our Approach to Teaching Reading Comprehension Skills

      MimioReading™ comprehension suite is an integrated program that teaches the systematic yet flexible strategies needed for the four main types of reading comprehension: literal or factual comprehension, inferential comprehension, main idea comprehension, and derived meaning comprehension. Together, these four strategies enable students to comprehend text across subject matters and succeed in reading comprehension tests.

      The Core of Reading Comprehension 

      The MimioReading  program is based on the premise that a carefully designed sequence that scaffolds instruction can enable any student to master reading comprehension. The program explicitly teaches strategies that can be learned by young children and that get to the core of what reading comprehension is about – namely, identifying what a question is asking, finding the relevant information in the passage, and providing the best possible answer for the question based on the information available.

      Differentiated Instruction

      The MimioReading program incorporates strategy-based instruction across its different components: through whole classroom, small group, and individual instruction, students have constant opportunities to apply, extend, and refine the reading comprehension skills learned in the program.

      Tested And Refined Until Our Curriculum Experts Were Satisfied

      Throughout its formative assessment with real students and teachers, the components that make up the MimioReading program were revised and reevaluated until students were successfully learning and applying the reading comprehension skills in a variety of passages and reading levels.

      MimioReading comprehension suite offers whole-class, small-group and individual instruction.

      MimioReading offers differentiated instruction


      Want more details? Read the detailed research that forms the basis for MimioReading comprehension.


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