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      Building Relationship Skills to Support Social-Emotional Learning

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Mon, Nov 29, 2021

      Building Relationship Skills-SEL part 2_11.29.2021

      There has been an increased focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in recent years, with teachers working to incorporate strategies to help students recognize and manage their feelings and emotions. According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), “SEL can help all young people and adults thrive personally and academically, develop and maintain positive relationships, become lifelong learners, and contribute to a more caring, just world.” 

      Essentially, SEL is a framework divided into five categories: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, responsible decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills. Students who are actively using relationship skills will be able to communicate effectively with others, seek or offer support (empathy), participate in collaborative problem-solving situations, and develop and maintain positive relationships.  

      What are some simple strategies that can be used right away to nurture relationship skills? 

      • Implement regular class meetings to solve problems, plan class events or projects, and serve as a means to encourage one another. 
      • Incorporate collaborative projects so students can practice respectful communication. 
      • Talk about empathy and the importance of thinking about how another person feels or thinks so responses show compassion. 
      • Express gratitude at the end of class periods/days, acknowledging something or someone that has made an impact that they are thankful for. 
      • Have regular read-alouds, selecting books* where characters work through emotions and feelings.  

      Educators are also welcome to view the Two-Part Social and Emotional Learning Webinar Series hosted by Karleen Vaughn, a former educator, coach, trainer, and professional development leader who now serves as an Education Consultant for Boxlight. In this SEL webinar series, subject matter experts share ideas, strategies, and practices to build and foster social and emotional learning skills for students.

      In Part 1 - SEL: Key Indicators for Classroom Integration, a panel of SEL experts and thought leaders discuss how to ensure that learning environments are designed to be supportive, cultivate responsiveness, and focus on building up students.


      In Part 2 - Building Partnerships to Support Social-Emotional Learning, the panel discusses how to support the inclusion of SEL curriculum in classrooms, schools, and districts through funding, partnerships, and other strategies. 



      To view the webinar recordings, click here: Two-Part Social and Emotional Learning Webinar Series.


      *Books to augment Social-Emotional Learning experiences in the classroom 

      Elementary level 

      • The Invisible Boy by Patrice Barton 
      • The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon by Matthew Burgess 
      • The Way I Feel by Janan Cain 
      • The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi 
      • My Mouth is a Volcano! by Julia Cook 
      • Lend a Hand: Poems About Giving by John Frank 
      • Millie Fierce by Jane Manning 
      • Don’t Think About Purple Elephants by Susanne Merritt 
      • Enemy Pie by Derek Munson 
      • We’re All Wonders by RJ Palacio 
      • What Were You Thinking? A Story About Learning to Control Your Impulses by Bryan Smith 

      Middle School/High School level 

      • Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper 
      • Bird by Zeta Elliott 
      • Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt 
      • Under the Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall 
      • Chess Rumble by G. Neri 
      • The Wind Called My Name by Mary Louise Sanchez 

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