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      Campus Communication – Why It's Essential

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Wed, Sep 14, 2022

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      We’re living in a time in which posting updates and sharing news on social media instantly is the norm. The immediate gratification of seeing simple messages that convey information that may impact views and actions can be applied to the needs of a school. Campus communication that can clearly, quickly, and reliably share alerts and information is essential for the overall safety and sense of well-being that staff and students need. With nearly all schools implementing technology – whether on a large or small scale – all need to know what can affect them. 

      Schools generally have some type of campus audio alert system that can include bells, intercom, and paging capabilities. Because more students are remote learning, schools have invested in interactive displays so teachers can maintain a learning environment that includes the whole class in lessons. Taking advantage of both technologies can mean a more complete campus communication system that can share news quickly and clearly.  

      A complete campus communication solution includes: 

      • An audio system that can be integrated with other systems, as needed, for automated synchronization with bells and alarms 
      • High-quality interactive displays so staff and students can view any message or update clearly from anywhere on campus 
      • IP-based control and management that allows administrators to schedule announcements and routine information, as well as share alerts and updates easily and quickly, from a centralized location 


      Ensuring that only authorized users can create, schedule, and share messages and alerts helps decrease the likelihood of misinformation spreading causing panic and stress. This is especially important when emergency alerts are broadcast. Staff and students should be able to clearly hear and see messages in a timely manner, so that the sense of confidence and protection they felt walking on campus is maintained.  

      We are living in a time when technology has become THE way to communicate. People from every walk of life and all ages are tuned in to current happenings and events with a simple tap to their device screens. It just makes sense for districts and schools to implement campus communication systems to benefit all. 


      The Attention! campus communication from FrontRow by Boxlight combines the FrontRow Conductor campus-wide bells, paging, and intercom platform with the Boxlight MimioPro 4 or Clevertouch IMPACT Plus interactive display for a fully integrated audio-visual messaging and alerting system. Watch the video to see how it works:


      To learn more about the award-winning Attention! solution, go to boxlight.com/products/classroom-sound-systems/attention-please. 


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