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      Enhancing Learning with OptiVoice+ Technology

      Posted by FrontRow on Fri, Jun 14, 2024

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      One common challenge in education is ensuring students can clearly differentiate sounds, especially young learners, English language learners (ELLs), and students with hearing challenges. Poor audio quality can hinder students' ability to develop listening and reading comprehension skills. Advances in audio technology, such as the ELEVATE system powered by OptiVoice+ (FrontRow by Boxlight), are transforming classrooms by delivering crystal-clear sound that supports effective teaching and learning. 

      The Critical Role of Sound Clarity in Education 

      For young learners, hearing and distinguishing phonemes is essential for developing reading skills. ELLs rely on clear auditory input to grasp the nuances of a new language. Students with hearing challenges need enhanced audio support to engage fully with the curriculum. Without clear sound, these students may struggle to follow instructions, participate in discussions, or understand reading passages, leading to frustration and disengagement. 

      Did you know... 

      that FrontRow by Boxlight’s ELEVATE audio system with OptiVoice+ is designed to deliver highly intelligible audio to enhance teaching and learning? The Action! teacher microphone, featuring OptiVoice+ technology, is at the core of this system. This innovative solution ensures that every soft consonant and resounding vowel sound can be clearly heard from anywhere in the room or online. 

      Benefits of OptiVoice+ Technology 

      • Enhanced Clarity
        OptiVoice+ improves vocal clarity, making it easier for students to understand their teacher’s instructions, explanations, and reading passages. For example, in a first-grade classroom, the teacher reads a story aloud. Thanks to OptiVoice+, every student can clearly hear and follow along, enhancing their comprehension and vocabulary. 
      • Auditory Discrimination
        Distinguishing between different sounds and phonemes is crucial for language development. OptiVoice+ ensures that soft consonants and vowel sounds are clear, aiding students in auditory discrimination. In an ELL classroom, students practice phonics exercises. With OptiVoice+, they can distinctly hear the differences between similar sounds like "b" and "p," improving pronunciation and spelling skills. 

      • Inclusive Learning
        OptiVoice+ benefits students with diverse needs, including those with hearing impairments or language challenges. By providing clear audio, these students can engage more effectively in the learning process. In a middle school inclusive classroom, a student with hearing loss participates actively in group discussions because OptiVoice+ ensures they don’t miss any part of the conversation. 
      • Teacher Mobility
        With OptiVoice+, teachers can move freely around the classroom while maintaining clear communication. This mobility enhances student engagement, as teachers can interact with all learners, circulate among groups, and provide support where needed without sacrificing audio quality. For instance, during a science lab activity, the teacher can move between lab stations, giving instructions and answering questions clearly through the microphone. 
      • Online Learning
        OptiVoice+ extends to virtual classrooms, benefiting language learners participating in remote education. Clear audio ensures that students can follow instructions and discussions even through digital platforms. In an online high school Spanish class, students can hear the teacher's pronunciation and explanations clearly, making it easier to participate in speaking exercises and comprehend the material. 


      OptiVoice+ technology promotes effective communication, inclusivity, and engagement in the classroom. By ensuring that every word is heard clearly, it supports teachers in delivering high-quality instruction and helps students, especially those with additional learning needs, to achieve their full potential. In today’s diverse classrooms, clear and intelligible sound is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity.  


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