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      Explore the Exciting New STEM Education Kits by MyStemKits

      Posted by Hannah Olson on Wed, Jun 14, 2023


      Incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning is essential for helping students develop important skills like critical thinking, perseverance, communication, and creative problem-solving. To help you plan more STEM learning experiences for their students, the award-winning MyStemKits curriculum offers engaging lessons, activities, and Design Challenges that are hands-on, and standards aligned. This online resource includes over 400 lesson plans that use 3D printing, robotics, sensors, and virtual simulations to deepen students' understanding and optimize learning experiences. 

      By utilizing MyStemKits in STEM instruction, you can help empower your students with the essential skills to successfully tackle future challenges. Through MyStemKits, your students will acquire the knowledge and abilities required to successfully handle the complex problems they will encounter in their future professional journeys.  

      The newest kits from MyStemKits incorporate all facets of STEM, including art and music, for enhanced STEAM activities. Designed by educators for educators, look at what you can do in your classrooms. 

      Recently Released 

      Element Stacking Blocks Kit 

      Discover the art of balancing chemical equations with this specially designed kit, allowing students to visualize element quantities within formulas. The kit includes all common elements in high school-level chemical equations. Additionally, you have the option to design and 3D print your personalized stacking block for any element not included in the kit. 


      Atomic Model Kit 

      Explore the world of atoms and elements with our Atomic Model Kit. This kit introduces students to protons, neutrons, and electrons—the fundamental building blocks of atoms. Discover how the quantities of these components help identify elements, ions, and isotopes. For more advanced exploration, the kit includes elements like neutrinos and alpha particles. All components have slots for easy attachment to chenille stems, allowing the creation of 3D models of elements. 


      Musical Page Clips Kit 

      Ideal for band or music classes, these handy clips are ideal for assisting students in keeping their books open. Take it up a notch by encouraging students to unleash their creativity through our STEAM Design Challenge, where they can design their very own clips. Choose from individual parts or part sets to 3D print the desired clips. While our design includes different Boxlight brand logos, the design challenge empowers students to showcase their limitless creativity! 


      Bridge Engineering Kit 

      Uncover the world of Newtonian forces in truss style bridges with our single-use kit. Experiment with our set of six bridges, testing their resilience by applying weight to observe how different designs handle stress. Calculate mass to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and engage students in a bridge design challenge of their own! 


      New since January 2023 

      Artifacts: Asia Kit 

      Delve into the captivating artifacts of Asia and the Middle East with this collection! Featuring 17 carefully chosen items representing distinct cultures and time periods, select the ones that align with your history curriculum. Our artifact kits include statues, vessels, and everyday objects, sourced from museums worldwide. With improved models for 3D printing and enhanced scanning accuracy, these items come alive in your classroom. For additional historical insights, refer to the Model Guide links, connecting you to the museums' websites. While this collection offers just a glimpse of the rich tapestry of history, we aim to expand it further. Ignite curiosity and bring the past to life for your students through these remarkable objects. 


      Periodic Table Kit 

      Explore the Periodic Table with these practical element tiles. Each tile provides essential information such as the atomic symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass for every element. The part sets have been carefully designed to facilitate printing of element groups in assorted colors, should you choose to do so. Discover the fascinating world of elements and their properties with these convenient tiles. 


      World Topography Kit 

      Immerse your classroom in a world of exploration with this comprehensive kit! With over 20 diverse models, it serves as an excellent resource for studying global landmarks, scientific concepts, weathering and erosion, and the impact of plate tectonics. Challenge your students to identify locations, explain landform origins, or analyze the effects of flooding. You can also integrate it into various history lessons. Most landforms in this kit fit inside the boxes from the Ocean Topography and Landform Topography Kits, though not completely. For larger geographic maps, the models were appropriately enlarged to emphasize topography. Each map includes a code letter and a Z-axis exaggeration value for vertical scaling. Please note that maps covering larger areas may have higher Z-scale adjustments. 


      United States Kit 

      Immerse your students in the geography and history of the United States with this remarkable kit featuring all 50 states to scale. Each state is accurately represented, with a star indicating the approximate location of the state capital. Additionally, Maryland includes a miniature Washington Monument as a nod to Washington, D.C. We have conveniently organized the states, allowing you to choose your preferred printing method, including the option to color-code your prints. The Small Part Sets group states by date of statehood, while the Large Part Sets categorize them by geographic regions. Most printers can handle both part sets, except for Alaska, which may require printing in pieces and subsequent assembly. 


      Pangaea Fossils Kit 

      Unveil the wonders of plate tectonics with this compact kit, ideal for exploring fossil and rock evidence. Dive into Alfred Wegener's Continental Drift theory and observe how fossils have shaped our understanding of plate tectonics. The kit includes a modified Pangaea Puzzle with borders and peg slots, along with a collection of specialty pegs representing various fossils and rock evidence. Let your students place the pegs in their designated areas while the continents remain in their present positions, and then challenge them to reconstruct Pangaea using the fossil locations as clues. Through this hands-on activity, students will gain a deeper appreciation for the dynamic nature of our planet. 



      Interested in using MyStemKits in your classroom? Inquire about a free trial here: MyStemKits. 

      To explore comprehensive STEM education solutions, click here: MimioSTEM. 

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