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      Exploring Hydroponics and pH Monitoring with #MimioSTEMChallenge Winner

      Posted by MimioSTEM on Thu, Dec 21, 2023

      Grand Prize Winner-100


      The #MimioSTEMChallenge champion, Zohaib Syed from The City School (Milwaukee, WI) has brought STEM education to life with an extensive lesson plan that dives into the fascinating world of hydroponics and pH monitoring using Tower Garden and Labdiscs (MimioSTEM by Boxlight). Tailored for middle schoolers, this 4-6 week journey spans 20-30 class periods, immersing students in hands-on experiences and collaborative learning. 

      “We received so many amazing projects for our MimioSTEM challenge but The City School’s submission definitely stood out. This is exactly the sort of project that we dream up when we’re developing lessons and tutorials on our products, commented MimioSTEM Product Manager Hannah Olson. “Our goal is to empower schools to take what we provide them with, like our solutions and training, and use these as a launchpad for deeper learning experiences. Throughout this project, Zohaib’s students are getting so much real-world expertise that they can take well beyond the classroom.” 

      Keep reading to learn how you can implement a hydroponics project in your school and view the rest of the #mimioSTEMchallenge submissions in our submission gallery.  


      Weeks 1-2: Introduction to Hydroponics and pH Monitoring 
      Zohaib’s class kicked off the adventure with an engaging overview and Tower Garden setup, setting the stage for an exploration into pH concepts and Labdiscs calibration. Taking it a step further, students delved into pH monitoring, buffering, and troubleshooting scenarios, enhancing their practical skills.

      Weeks 3-4: Plant Growth and Varieties hydroponics3
      The excitement and energy continued as students learned about plant growth factors and light cycles, exploring various plant varieties suitable for hydroponics. In a hands-on planting and growth monitoring session, students planted seeds, tracked growth stages, and discussed nutrient solutions, fostering a deeper understanding of plant development. 





      Weeks 5-6: Benefits of Hydroponics and Project Reflection hydroponics5
      Zohaib ensured a well-rounded experience by dedicating time for his students to research the benefits of hydroponics. Students engaged in lively class discussions and presentations on environmental and economic advantages. The final stretch involved project reflection, poster-making, and insightful presentations, summarizing the challenges faced and lessons learned.


      Benefits of Hydroponics 

      Zohaib Syed’s #mimioSTEMchallenge submission highlighted key benefits of hydroponics, emphasizing resource efficiency, faster growth, space optimization, reduced pesticide use, and year-round cultivation. Students not only acquired practical skills but also developed critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and an understanding of the design process. 


      Educational Value 

      Zohaib Syed’s #mimioSTEMchallenge submission highlights the value of student exploration, experimentation, and reflection. The plan smoothly incorporated STEM disciplines, offering students a tangible application of scientific principles in the real world. The interdisciplinary approach heightened environmental awareness and introduced Zohaib’s students to career possibilities in agriculture, environmental science, and technology. Because of its multifaceted benefits, Zohaib has facilitated Hydroponics and pH Monitoring exploration two years in a row! 

      When notified that his submission was the Grand Prize Winner, Zohaib replied, “Thank you so much for that wonderful news! I can’t wait to share that with our middle school students since they worked so hard on this project for the past two years!” 

      The winning #MimioSTEMChallenge extended lesson plan stands as a testament to the enriching and transformative potential of MimioSTEM solutions. By utilizing technology like the Labdisc All-in-One Science Lab, Zohaib Syed has made STEM education an exciting and meaningful journey for his class. Congratulations, Zohaib, for a winning plan of innovation and exploration! 


      Looking to innovate your STEM education lessons? Explore our award-winning solutions, including MimioSTEM. Go to www.boxlight.com

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