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Fall 2019 Webinar Series: Watch On Demand!

Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Nov 12, 2019


Hundreds of educators joined us this fall for another rendition of our Transforming Learning in the Classroom webinar series. These robust sessions featured insights from experienced leaders in EdTech and provided educators with helpful tips for utilizing technology to promote critical thinking, implement project-based learning in the classroom, and support students as they prepare for college and STEM careers.

These three webinars are full of valuable ideas for using technology in the classroom to promote student engagement and success.

Here’s what you missed in this year’s live series, and what you can learn by watching the webinars on demand: 

  • Project-Based Learning Resources for the Classroom
    Learn the fundamentals of project-based learning (PBL) and find out how you can implement this practice in your own classroom. Experienced educators and tech experts Paul Gigliotti and Lynn Erickson discuss what PBL is, how you can utilize it in your classroom, and why this pedagogy is so useful in engaging students in complex real-world topics.


  • A Robotic Odyssey: How Robotics Is Helping Prepare Students to Be Tomorrow’s Inventors, Programmers, and Astronauts
    AldrinFamilyFoundation_CMYK-600pxIn this webinar, Stephen Barker (Boxlight’s VP of STEM Education) and Jim Christensen (Executive Director of ShareSpace Education, a key program of the the Aldrin Family Foundation) discuss how robotics prepares students for complex STEM majors and future careers. Viewers will learn about the important skills students can learn from robotics programs and STEM education that help set them up to become the next generation of STEM professionals.


  • Surface Learning vs. Deep Learning: How Technology Can Help Students Think Deeper
    Discover how technology can change the way students think in an insightful session about the importance of both surface learning and deep learning. Kelly Bielefeld, an experienced educator, discusses the dilemma that occurs when educators focus too strongly on basic surface knowledge or spend too little time building foundational deep knowledge. Bielefeld also shares how you can utilize technology to find the right balance between surface and deep learning.

Not only can you find this fall’s engaging webinar series on the on-demand webinar page, but you can also access webinars from previous seasons of Transforming Learning in the Classroom. From personalized PD to mobile devices in the classroom, watch webinars at your convenience by visiting our on-demand webinar page!

If you missed the live webinar series, you can now access the fall 2019 Transforming Learning in the Classroom collection of webinars on demand.

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