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FETC & TCEA 2019: A Recap of the Latest EdTech Trends

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Fri, Feb 15, 2019
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The Boxlight team has settled back in after a busy month visiting the 2019 FETC and TCEA conferences in Florida and Texas, and we’re back with all the biggest trends we discovered at the events this year! 

The conferences were a whirlwind of innovative ideas and impressive new products, plus creative professional development programming and extensive networking opportunities. If you missed either of these industry conferences this year, here’s a rundown of what our team thought were the best and most exciting trends on the trade show floor:

  • STEM Made Fun: As always, STEM found its way into the limelight at both FETC and TCEA. There seems to be a growing focus on engaging students with STEM by offering more fun ways to explore these subjects. Many innovative toys, games, and robotics were introduced on the trade show floor, including MyBots, Boxlight’s new collaboration with Modern Robotics, Inc. This powerful and innovative educational robotics program will help students from preschool all the way up to university levels develop skills and a passion for programming and robotics through the cohesive platform interface and curriculum. 
  • Virtual Reality Is the Reality: VR has been a trendy topic in EdTech for a while, but this technology has really begun to take hold in the industry. Several booths on the trade show floors this year had VR headsets running to help communicate their products and ideas. This is becoming more accessible in the classroom as big companies like Google and Best Buy introduce VR and AR technology and kits, making educators more and more comfortable with using VR in the classroom.
  • Mobile Teachers: Teachers are finding ways to teach all over the classroom to avoid being attached to a whiteboard for every lesson. A mobile teacher is more engaging and makes classroom management effortless. Many products at FETC and TCEA support the notion of collaborative and engaging learning that pulls students away from having to stare at a whiteboard all day, including Boxlight's ProColor touch table, and our MimioInteract collaborative activities, designed specifically for students in grades K–3. These activities cover a wide range of curriculum and offer an immersive way for students to work together.
  • Innovative New Products: Boxlight’s team discovered a lot of promising products and ideas at FETC and TCEA this year. One favorite was Robo, a company that designs 3D printers and offers a wide library of 3D designs that are printable on any 3D printer. Following with the STEM and gamification trend, our team also loved Bloxels EDU, a program that enables students to create and build their own video games in the classroom.
  • MimioFrame: The MimioFrame continues to be a favorite product among educators because of its easy installation and small space commitment. Collaboration and interactive learning in the classroom is just one step away with MimioFrame, and teachers at FETC and TCEA this year took note.
  • Student Safety: As always, student safety is a number one priority for schools. Beyond the typical online security issues such as inappropriate content and personal information protection, there’s a strong focus on socially and emotionally supporting students on the internet. Technology has made it easier than ever to help students cultivate a healthy online presence and safe habits.

What did you discover at FETC and TCEA this year? Let us know in the comments below which trends you’re looking forward to in 2019 and which products you’re most excited to try out this year!

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