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      Froggy Fun: STEM Adventures for National Frog Jumping Day!

      Posted by Christine Hall on Mon, May 13, 2024

      National Frog Jumping Day_Christine Hall

      Frogs are not just fascinating creatures - they can also be fantastic tools for teaching various subjects like measurement, reading, counting, and STEM concepts. So, why not leap into this theme and make learning an exciting adventure? 

      To begin with, let's delve into measurement. How far can a frog jump? Create fun frog hopping measurement activities using tools like the Labdisc All-in-One Science Lab. Labdisc is a compact, wireless data logger with built-in sensors. Use the What is Distance? lesson to measure frog jumping distance. They can track and analyze the data, learning about measurement and scientific methods while having a blast. Extend the lesson to compare with the jumping capabilities of other animals, amphibians, and humans! and compare with other animals, amphibians, or people!   

      Diving deeper into STEM with our froggy friends, use the Labdisc to explore a pond ecosystem. Students can observe and analyze water quality, temperature, and other environmental factors, all while learning about the habitat of frogs and other aquatic creatures. 

      Add a creative touch to our frog-themed learning. How about 3D-printing frog prints using MyStemKits* Animal Track Kit? This hands-on activity allows students to explore the unique features of frog tracks and habitats while incorporating 3D printing technology. This is a fantastic way to integrate art and science into your curriculum. 

      As educators, we know the importance of engaging students in meaningful learning experiences. By incorporating real creatures from the environment, we can capture their curiosity and spark their interest in the world around them. Plus, it's a fantastic way to promote learning in a fun and interactive way. 

      So, are you ready to hop into this theme? You will feel much hoppier if you toad-ally hop into the world of frogs with your students. Let's make learning leapfrog to new heights together!  


      *MyStemKits is an award-winning comprehensive STEM curriculum repository, hundreds of ready-to-print 3D models. 


      Explore our award-winning STEM education solutions, including the standards-aligned MyStemKits curriculum. Click here: https://boxlight.com/products/stem-education 

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