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Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Posted by Travis Rink on Mon, Oct 28, 2019


Halloween is an exciting time for students, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun! Whether you like to go all out or opt for something quick an easy, there are plenty of great options for dressing up on the big day.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect costume this Halloween:

Historical Figures

LA_SPECBARGMARKTWAINEINSET__19889.1396653505.500.750Influential individuals from throughout history make for a great costume. Whether you want to teach your students something new, expand on a current lesson, or just honor one of your own heroes, historical figures like these are always a good option!

  • Presidents: Big admirer of Lincoln? Or perhaps you’re more of a fan of George Washington? Whether you opt for a Founding Father or one of our leaders from the past century, there are plenty of great choices here with many lessons to go along with your pick.
  • Scientists: From Albert Einstein and Marie Curie to Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison, the possibilities here are endless. Any of these would be a perfect pick for a STEM educator!
  • Explorers: We live in a great big world, so why not celebrate those who helped discover new lands? And yes, this includes astronauts if you’re gearing up to teach a lesson about space exploration!
  • Artists: This is a fun one—you could either dress as the artist themselves or one of their famous works. Putting your face into a painting is a great way to get students excited about art.
  • Writers: There are so many wordsmiths out there, you’re bound to find someone great to dress up as. Think Shakespeare, Austen, Twain, or Rowling. The list goes on!

Inspiring Professions

01027_full_1_465x705It’s never too early to get students excited about future careers. There are so many wonderful options out there, so why not take the opportunity to discuss students’ future paths? It’s a great way to connect with students and learn more about what interests them—and show them how what they learn in your classroom will help them reach their career goals.

  • Health professional: What do doctors, nurses, and dentists have in common? Besides going into professions with a heavy focus on STEM learning, they all get to wear super comfy scrubs to work. This is a no-brainer for Halloween!
  • Engineer: Halloween is a great time to expose students to the many branches of engineering—you may even inspire a student to consider a profession they didn’t know existed! From designing and building to inventing and testing, there are so many options for students to consider within this field. (And so many options for costumes!)
  • Chef: Everyone has to eat, but not everyone can cook. This is a valuable skill that can often be overlooked, and there’s definitely a science to cooking and baking. It’s a fun (and unexpected!) way to weave in a chemistry lesson.
  • Civil servant: Today’s students are our future, and some of them may even lead the country someday. Even if they don’t go into government work, this is a great way to get them excited about things like voting, public safety, and being involved in their community. You could be an FBI agent, police officer, firefighter, politician, or even a librarian. Get creative!
  • Educator: You didn’t think we’d skip over this, did you? We’re not saying you have to just wear your regular clothes, but why not dress as an educational professional for Halloween? You could even pay homage to a favorite teacher from your days at school or dress as another teacher (or the principal!) at your school.


Fun Characters

0ce61e4e90c8f3786a5a28af3493d657You can’t go wrong here—characters are always a big hit with kids! Know any fellow teachers who would want to join in the fun? These are easy to make into group costumes!

  • Disney: Between the princes and princesses, villains, and many fun animals, there are so many Disney characters to choose from. Planning a group costume? Consider the seven dwarfs, Ariel’s sisters, or Winnie the Pooh and his friends.
  • Harry Potter: Both kids and adults love Harry Potter, making it a perfect choice for Halloween. Whether you want to keep it simple with a scarf in your house colors or go all out as Dumbledore or one of Rowling’s fantastical creatures, the sky’s the limit with the world of Harry Potter!
  • Dr. Seuss: Seuss’s characters pair perfectly with reading lessons! You can be Seuss himself or one of his wonderful characters, such as the grumpy Grinch or the beloved Cat in the Hat.  
  • Cartoon characters: If someone asked you to name your favorite cartoon character of all time, which one would you pick? Instant costume inspiration! From Scooby Doo’s gang and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the many characters in the Looney Tunes world, there’s a wide variety of colorful options to choose from.
  • Superheroes: Another great option that works just as well if you go simple with a Superman T-shirt or all out in a full Wonder Woman or Batman getup.  


Quick and Easy

f90371d6ab9beb1d43fc3c471f27dce5Sometimes there just isn’t time to go all out—and some folks just aren’t that into costumes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly throw something together that will still be great! With some art supplies, a simple T-shirt, or even a cozy onesie, you can easily craft a winning costume for the big day.

  • Animals: There are a few different routes you could take here, and all of them result in a very cute costume! From simple animal ears and tails to easy T-shirts and comfy onesies, your favorite animal can easily be turned into a costume this Halloween.
  • Emojis: Today’s students will quickly recognize these! With just a few art supplies, you can easily craft an emoji to wear on your shirt or around your neck for a simple, yet fun, costume. This is also a great option to get other teachers to join in on.
  • Food: Love tacos? Or pizza? How about ketchup and mustard? You can find a variety of slip-on food costumes, as well as T-shirts that do the job just as well. But be warned: Going this route might make you hungry all day!
  • Weather: It doesn’t get simpler than this! Turn your head into a brightly shining sun, put a raincloud on your shirt, or wear a winter hat and gloves with a few cotton balls stuck to yourself as snow. Instant costume!
  • Subjects: You’re already in a school, so why not show off your subject in a fun way? Math teachers could wear a shirt showcasing plus, minus, divide, and multiply signs; science teachers could wear a shirt with the periodic table of elements; and music teachers could wear a shirt with various notes, scales, or even drawings of various instruments. You can make this as simple or elaborate as you like.  

Hopefully that helped get the creative juices flowing! Have you figured out yet what you’ll be dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below. For more teaching inspiration all year long, be sure to subscribe to our Educator blog.

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