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How Text Messaging Can Improve Communication With Your Faculty

Posted by Ken Rhie on Tue, Jul 11, 2017
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With new education technology becoming more accessible to streamline communication between teachers and their administration, it's important to stay up to date with what's available. The use of SMS texting is great for sending out quick messages—and keeping educators informed at all times. Teachers can use SMS technology to collaborate on lesson plans, organize events, and share information with colleagues. With most text messages being read within a few minutes, it's the fastest way to reach out and communicate.

Keep Educators Informed

When you have an event you want teachers to promote to students, text messaging is one of the best ways to reach out. At a busy school, teachers can easily overlook important events. A quick text reminder can give your staff the nudge they need to attend events. Keep your staff up to date with news through text messaging—instead of email—when you want your messages read. 

Emergency Notifications Can Be Sent by Text

There are times when an emergency message needs to be sent out to your teachers within minutes. If school is closing, or you have other time-sensitive issues, you can send out a message that will be read right away. You can also use the platform to notify select people, instead of sending out a text to everyone on your list. By doing this, you can provide emergency information only to those who need it.

Teachers Can Collaborate Through Text Messaging

When several people are teaching the same class, it can be very useful to share information through text messaging. While email messages are still valuable, texts can notify everyone in the group that a document is ready to be reviewed or a test has been written. When teachers have an easy way to communicate with one another, their collaborative efforts will be more fruitful.

Send Out Policy Changes

If you have a quick policy change that you want your teachers to know about right away, a quick text can solve the problem. For example, if using the copier now requires a new code, you can send this out quickly to everyone concerned. Any small changes that you want to make can be easily shared with your staff through texting.

Ask for Opinions Through a Survey

Whether you are setting up a new staff lounge and want to know what your teachers would like included or have questions regarding the current effectiveness of a new policy, a survey can get you the answers you seek. Even sending out a quick question of what everyone would prefer for lunch can make your day easier.

When you set up a text messaging platform to reach out to your staff, you are opening a two-way form of communication that is both fast and effective. Through the use of texting, you can get emergency messages out quickly, allow teachers to collaborate on projects, and ask questions regarding just about anything. For better communication between administration and staff, text messaging is the key.

Integrating text messaging software can boost how you communicate with your teachers. It also offers new avenues to communicate with them that may be more in line with how they are communicating with friends, family, and even their own students.

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