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ISTE 2014: Mimio's Evolution

Posted by Paget Hetherington on Wed, Jun 25, 2014
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Paget Hetherington, Mimio VP of Marketing, Talks About ISTE and Exciting New Products from Mimio

Paget Hethrington, Mimio Marketing VPI’m so impressed with Mimio’s development team – a dedicated and passionate group of software and hardware engineers. What they have managed to pull off in terms of our next batch of releases is simply just amazing. If you’re going to be at the ISTE trade show in Atlanta this weekend, you have to stop by our booth #1028 to check out our new products. You’ll see how we continue to evolve and invent in this ever-changing world of educational technology.

First, as a prelude to the announcement of our new products, I thought it worth restating what drives each and every one of us at Mimio, every single day: 

Mimio’s mission is to increase effectiveness and engagement in classrooms by providing innovative and affordable educational technologies and solutions.

This mission and purpose sum up what we’re all about, and what keeps us focused on continuing to make the most meaningful and impactful contributions we can to the educational community. And what keeps these engineers, sales people, marketers, product managers, educators, and support teams all working 24/7!

Mimio's Next Chapter

Mimio’s next chapter includes the best, high-end, but also comparatively affordable interactive touchscreen display: the MimioDisplay™ interactive LCD LED 6-touch display. This beautiful, state-of-the-art interactive display (available in four sizes) gives schools and districts a high-end choice of teaching technologies. The MimioDisplay touchscreen offers collaboration and instructional opportunities for educators and students at the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technological level. And we have a introductory pricing offer that can help make this top-of-the-line technology a reality for many schools.

MimioTeach portable interactive whiteboardAt the same time, our MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard remains the most affordable and flexible solution available to educators today, as it has been for the past 17 years. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. From the MimioTeach device, which makes any white surface an interactive whiteboard – instantly, to our MimioProjector™ interactive projector and our MimioBoard™ interactive whiteboard, we now complete this offering with the MimioDisplay touch display.

But, none of these exquisite interactive display technologies can mean anything to educators if they are not driven by top-notch software. So Mimio is announcing the next version of its award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software. Our software, combined with the new version of the MimioMobile™ application, will allow all students in a teacher’s classroom to collaborate with individual lessons and activities using their tablets or smartphones.

MimioStudio Classroom software and MimioMobile app for collaboration and assessmentWith our software and our app, we’re answering the question educators across the country are asking: What do we do now with all these tablets that have been made available to our students? With these Mimio products, students can collaborate using their devices, teachers can hand off control of the interactive whiteboard to students who have MimioMobile-enabled devices, teachers can conduct real-time formative assessment using whatever question structures they prefer, and teachers and students can also now access a Web browser within the lessons and activities. The options for instruction, collaboration, assessment, and interaction in the classroom are endless with Mimio.

The MimioDisplay touchscreen will be available to ship to customers on July 1, and the new versions of MimioStudio software and the MimioMobile app will be available this fall.

Visit Mimio at ISTE 2014 to Experience Mimio and Win

All these new products will be demonstrated at Mimio's booth at ISTE.  Come take a look and enter to win free licenses to our MimioMobile app, as well as MimioTeach interactive whiteboards. We will be giving out one MimioTeach device per day, and MimioMobile app classroom licenses at each of our presentations. 

I look forward to seeing you at ISTE and sharing Mimio's exciting new product offerings.

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