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ISTE 2019: What You Won’t Want to Miss

Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Jun 18, 2019


It’s June, which means the ISTE 2019 Conference & Expo is right around the corner. For 40 years, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has created a strong EdTech community, giving teachers tools and best practices to advocate for technology in the classroom. This year, the ISTE Conference & Expo is being held in the City of Brotherly Love— Philadelphia, PA—and attendees can expect to find not only community and support from over 16,000 other educators, administrators, and EdTech leaders, but also a wide variety of new EdTech tools and trends.

Between the beautiful city of Philly and the countless opportunities for growth at the conference, here’s what you won’t want to miss at ISTE 2019:

  1. Catch the Boxlight presentation Teacher Support: The Key Ingredient for a Successful Digital Classroom, a customer profile led by educators from Clayton County Public Schools in Georgia.

  2. Explore the expo hall with hundreds of innovative EdTech companies and products to find the next great EdTech tool for your classroom.

  3. Get inspired at a jam-packed opening keynote led by Cheyenne E. Batista, founder and CEO of Firefly Worldwide Inc.; Danielle Feinberg, a Pixar Animation Studios director of photography; Pedro Rivera, Pennsylvania secretary of education; and Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow.

  4. Eat a mouthwatering Philly cheesesteak at one of the locals’ favorite spots, Steve’s Prince of Steaks.

  5. Discuss interesting and engaging topics led by educators just like you during ISTE19 Mind Meetups, crowdsourced conversations in a relaxed environment about topics that educators are currently pondering.

  6. Jump on the BYOD trend and explore an EdTech topic creatively and hands-on during one of over 150 BYOD sessions at ISTE19.

  7. Cheer on the Philadelphia Phillies as they face the Marlins and the Mets in their home stadium.

  8. Win a Mimio MyBot educational robotics kit by visiting one of Boxlight’s many live presentations, product exhibitions, interactive games, and hands-on product demonstrations. And don’t miss a feature presentation by Jim Christensen, executive director of ShareSpace Foundation, which is part of the Buzz Aldrin Family Foundation. He will present Empowering Students in STEM Education Using Robotics and Space Exploration to highlight how educators can incorporate robotics and coding into instruction.

  9. Learn however you like with ISTE’s wide variety of learning sessions in different formats to accommodate all types of learners.

  10. Discover a variety of perspectives on hot EdTech topics and trends by attending one of ISTE’s 62 panel sessions led by a moderator with 2–3 panelists.

The ISTE 2019 Conference & Expo offers valuable opportunities for all who attend, through innovative sessions and presentations as well as networking and sharing best practices with over 16,000 other global educators. This year, we look forward to learning more about some of the hottest topics at ISTE19 including STEM and STEAM, coding and robotics, diversity and accessibility, and many more.

At Boxlight booth #2622, we’ll be leaning into ISTE’s hottest topics as we demo our new Mimio MyBot educational robotics system, preview our new MimioClarity audio system, and show off MimioInteract activities for the ProColor touch table. We’ll be running scheduled EdTech sessions all conference long in our main theater, and EdTech experts will also conduct hourly presentations in the booth’s theatre and mock classroom. Plus, educators will be able to test out our robots, Labdisc STEM lab, and other innovative technology from Boxlight in our STEM Playground. In addition, members of Boxlight’s professional services division, EOS Education, will be available to discuss classroom training and educator certification services.

Boxlight’s complete schedule of EdTech presentations can be found here. Information about all of the company’s ISTE 2019 activities can be found on the Boxlight at ISTE page.

No matter what you’re passionate about in EdTech, ISTE 2019 has countless opportunities for networking, discovering new EdTech products and companies, and learning more about the biggest EdTech trends of the year. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

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