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      Making the Best Use of Google Workspace for Education

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Tue, Jul 27, 2021

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      Pre-pandemic and school closures, many teachers implemented Google Classroom for efficient and interactive teaching and learning support. Google Classroom made using technology tools manageable and provided a user-friendly alternative to paper and pencil. How? Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite for Education) apps and tools help teachers and learners organize lessons, assignments, and resources. Teachers can also save and share content using their Drive folder, collaborating with colleagues at any time and from anywhere. 

      Of course, teachers are at different skill and comfort levels and need quality training and consistent support to help them grow confident in using any educational technology, including Google Workspace for Education. There are options available for training to help teachers get up and running with Google Workspace but many times, teacher professional development is “one and done.” This leaves teachers who would like to upskill or are working on building confidence without the needed support from specialists and experts. Instead of efficiency, these teachers may spend an inordinate amount of time searching for tips, strategies, and workarounds.  

      Boxlight-EOS Education provides training to help teachers successfully integrate education technology resulting in increased efficiency, student engagement, and improved learning outcomes. With more and more districts and schools implementing Google Workspace for Education, as well as teachers who want to broaden their ed tech skills, Boxlight-EOS offers a suite of Google teacher training offerings to boost their confidence and comfort levels. What are some of the methods and topics they offer? 

      • Guiding students to digital leadership and helping them to develop competence in digital civics 
      • Create digital habits to includes essential accessibility practices to support all students 
      • Sharing techniques to help teachers become Google Certified Educators 
      • Preparing students to create digital student portfolios so that they can self-assess their own progress and achievement 
      • Learning different methods of interactivity and boosting student engagement, using tools such as Google Drawing and Jamboard 
      • Increasing class interactivity via gamifying tools and features  


      Professional development offerings can also be customized to better meet the needs and varying skill levels in a school or district. The goal of high-quality professional development is not simply to provide methods and strategies, but to consistently provide the coaching and support needed so teachers can successfully apply what is being learned. By providing teachers with regular guidance by Digital Learning Specialists - former educators with diverse experience and expertise – classroom teachers will be able to facilitate instruction in any learning environment. 

      As educators know, effective teacher professional development is critical for helping teachers refine their skills – this includes PD focused on integrating technology. Boxlight-EOS understands this and has created training courses that helps teachers grow their skills and confidence.  

      For more on how Boxlight-EOS can help your teachers integrate your existing technology confidently, go to boxlight.com/professional-development. 

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