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      NEW MimioStudio 11.2: An inside look with Chris Leonardo, Director of R&D

      Posted by Christopher Leonardo on Tue, May 13, 2014
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      NEW MimioStudio 11.2: An inside look at what this release offers educators

      By Chris Leonardo, Director, Research and Development, Mimio

      Chris Leonardo Director of Research and Development, MimioMobile devices have a growing presence in our world and in our schools. If we want to help kids prepare for the real world, we need to make mobile devices a key part of the learning environment. With this latest release of MimioStudio™ software, we’re pleased  to have made the use of mobile devices even easier and more cost-effective.

      Three FREE mobile-device connections
      MimioStudio 11.2 software lets every classroom with a Mimio hardware or software license connect up to three mobile devices using the MimioMobile™ app, for free. Now you don’t have to buy a full MimioMobile classroom license to find out how easy it is to use mobile devices in your classroom.

      Collaboration, Assessment, Shared Control, and BYOD
      There are lots of ways you can use those three connections with your students. Here are some examples:

      • Use the Control feature to give yourself the freedom to move around the classroom while still controlling the front-of-the-room display. Try handing off control to one or two different students or small groups with mobile devices, to help keep them engaged and involved.
      • Break the students into three small groups to collaborate on an activity. Every group’s work can be displayed simultaneously at the front of the room. Then start an assessment with these small groups, to gauge their learning and understanding.
      • Get a real sense of a BYOD classroom, without having to make an investment. Just try out a few mobile devices the school already owns, or allow several students to bring theirs in.

      Mobile learning is definitely here
      We believe the benefits of this mobile learning are so important that teachers should have the opportunity to experience them firsthand. With the latest release of MimioStudio software, we’re proud to say this functionality is now an integrated feature.

      It’s our hope that educators will give the MimioMobile app a try and tell us about their experience. That’s the best way to gather new ideas for improving the app’s functions and features. Download the latest release of MimioStudio software today, and see why we’re so excited.

      Download MimioStudio 11.2 software. >>


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