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      STEM CAREERS: Accountant

      Posted by Hannah Olson on Tue, Feb 2, 2021




      STEM Careers - Accountant

      Accountants are the individuals responsible for ensuring that companies are financially responsible. They must excel at organization and be very detail oriented. Accountants are consistently active with clients therefore they must be effective communicators and possess extensive problem-solving skills.

      Accountants are charged with the task of providing accurate and practical financial information that helps investors, managers, and many others make financial decisions with the least amount of risk. Accountants, normally known for tracking debits and credits, also prepare taxes, perform audits, and act as consultants for individuals and corporations.


      Below are some skills needed to be a successful accountant:


      • Attentive to Detail - Every cent must be documented and properly tracked, especially as they relate to tax reporting.
      • Computer Skills - Accountants must be familiar with inputting spreadsheets, tax documents, and reports.
      • Math Skills - Math is the core foundation of an accountant’s job, so one must be knowledgeable of basic math operations.
      • Analytical Skills - An accountant must be able to look at complex documents and identify disparities within the numbers, identify cost-saving areas, and provide new solutions to any problems they observe.
      • Communication Skills - Listening is key to understanding a client’s problems. Accountants must listen carefully then clearly communicate productive solutions for their needs.
      • Organizational Skills - Accountants must be highly organized with keeping financial documents. They must ensure that all documents are stored and readily available when needed.

      Accounting will continue to be a highly in-demand field for individuals and corporations.

      21st Century Skills required for this profession:

      Critical Thinking

      • Evaluate all documentation and data to create accurate reports
      • Identify disparities in financial data
      • Review complex documents to find trends, problems, and solutions


      • Work with client to determine goals and priorities
      • Build client rapport and trust


      • Clearly communicate analyses and solutions
      • Provide oral and written reports
      • Delineate decision-making to clients


      • Develop cost-saving strategies


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