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STEM Careers: Computer Systems Analyst

Posted by Hannah Olson on Wed, Nov 10, 2021

STEM Careers - Computer Systems Analyst

computer systems analyst combines both their knowledge of information technology and business to improve computer systems and processes for their clients. Although they have many responsibilities, the first task of a computer systems analyst is to understand their client’s business. Computer system analysts, also called system architects, design computer systems which are optimized for their client’s specific industry and needs. A key part of this is preparing analyses on the costs and benefits of different systems and system upgrades so management can make informed decisions about the technical direction of their organization.  

Computer systems analysts use various mathematical techniques to design computer systems based on the current and projected needs of the company. By calculating the requirements for how much memory and speed a computer system or network needs, these professionals can prepare flow charts and other kinds of diagrams so that programmers or engineers can create an optimal system to suit a client’s needs. To be successful, a computer systems analyst must consult with management to determine the roles, goals, and priorities of an organization’s information technology (IT) systems. Only then can they make informed decisions about integrating new and updating existing technology. Once their devised upgrades are approved, computer systems analysts oversee the installation, configuration, and implementation of new systems and system updates. As part of this, analysts must train the users on the utilization of the upgrades and provide written instruction manuals. While the systems are in use, the analysts conduct in-depth tests and evaluate trends in the data to increase the system’s performance and efficiency. If there are any problems that occur after the system has been developed, analysts work toward solving the problems. In addition to computer system design firms, computer systems analysts are also regularly employed in a wide range of industries including science, health care, banking, and finance. 


Skills Required: 

Critical thinking 

  • Use data to analyze and predict future trends 
  • Plan for technology demands given anticipated changes 
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of potential technology upgrades 
  • Create solutions within budgetary constraints 


  • Work with company management to determine goals and priorities 
  • Establish and communicate project timelines 


  • Create reports which demonstrate the predicted impacts of different technological advances 
  • Provide user-friendly trainings and instruction manuals 


  • Determine cost-effective solutions for increased productivity 


MyStemKits, a MimioSTEM curriculum solution, has kits that support mechanical engineering skills. These include: 

  • Binary Conversion Kit 

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering 

Grade levels: K-12 

Strand: Algebraic Thinking, Physical Sciences, Computer Science 

Easily convert between binary and decimal number systems using this intuitive kit. Simply slide the numbers up or down to reveal 0s or 1s, as well as the addends needed to equal the decimal number. 

  • Wind Farm Kit 

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering 

Grade levels: K-12 

Strand: Algebraic Thinking, Physical Sciences, Earth/Space Sciences 

The perfect real-world engineering challenge, this kit provides sample wind farm blades and easy instructions for how students can create their own using Tinkercad! Use a fan to test the efficiency of each blade design as it lifts a weight. 

Watch the video here: 


  • Flow Chart Stencil Kit 

Subjects: Mathematics, Technology 

Grade levels: 6-12 

Strand: Computer Science 

Easily and efficiently build your own flow charts with this handy stencil. The perfect introduction to coding. 


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