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      Teacher Self-Care: 5 Tech-Savvy Tips to Keep You Going

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Tue, Sep 12, 2023
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      Self-Care Awareness tips

      Teachers have a demanding job. Teaching is rewarding, but it can also be stressful. That's why, during Self-Care Awareness Month, here are five practical tips for maintaining well-being while using educational technology. 


      1. Start the Day Mindfully with Tech

      Begin your day by taking a few moments for yourself. There are apps like "Calm" and "Headspace" that offer short, guided meditation sessions. These apps can help you find your inner calm and set a positive tone for the day. You can even introduce your students to these tools to create a more peaceful learning environment. 

      2. Simplify Your Tasks with Tech Tools

      We all know the endless paperwork that comes with teaching. Educational technology like learning management systems (LMS) and lesson building software and platforms can be lifesavers. They can help automate tasks like grading assignments, creating interactive lessons, and providing access to pre-made lessons. This means less time for grading and planning, and more time for self-care. 

      3. Connect with Fellow Educators Online

      Teaching can sometimes feel isolating, especially when you're facing challenges. Use technology to connect with other educators. You can join private Facebook groups or online communities where teachers support each other. It's a great way to share experiences and get the emotional support you need. 

      4. Online Workshops for Professional Growth

      Investing in your professional development is a form of self-care too. Many online platforms offer workshops and courses for educators. You can expand your teaching skills and stay updated on the latest trends in education—all from the comfort of your home. 

      5. Plan Relaxing Screen-Free Breaks

      While tech is valuable, it's also essential to take screen-free breaks. Use this time to recharge by reading a book, taking a walk, or simply enjoying a cup of tea. Encourage your students to do the same. It's a healthy habit that benefits both you and your learners. 


      Teaching is a profession filled with purpose, and prioritizing your well-being is essential for becoming the best educator you can be. Embrace these self-care tips to create a more relaxed and enjoyable teaching experience. Keep in mind that self-care isn't selfish - it's vital for your own well-being and for the well-being of your students. 


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