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      The League of Interactivity Strikes Again: Introducing Its Newest Member

      Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Thu, Apr 16, 2015
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      NEW MimioProjector Superhero Joins Forces with the League

      Mimio_League_of_InteractivityOur team of Mimio interactive displays has super powers that can rescue a classroom from any educational archenemy! No matter what your foe may be – a budget that’s too small, bored students, or students who are reluctant to collaborate – the League of Interactivity will send the best superhero to the rescue. Now we are introducing our newest member!

      NEW_MimioProjector_touch_projectorOur newest superhero, MimioProjector™ touch projector followed in her brother’s footsteps, MimioProjector interactive projector, to come to the aid of classrooms that have whiteboards but no projectors, and that wanted the powers of touch and collaboration. This superhero combines her powers of collaboration with amazing flexibility, to become the hero that will serve her type of classroom best. She can transform from a mild-mannered interactive projector into a touch one with an in-field upgrade. And her 10-point touch input is ready and able to help students work together simultaneously.

      With such strengths as affordability, flexibility, and collaboration she is sure to vanquish all her archenemies: Lack of Student Engagement, Devices with Limited Uses, Expensive Technology, Unresponsive Touch, and No Gesture Control.

      Learn more about our newest superhero and our entire League of Interactivity in our hero infographic. Start rescuing your classroom today!

      Download Superhero infographic


      Topics: Classroom Technology, Classroom Collaboration, MimioProjector


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