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Top 10 STEM Apps

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Wed, Nov 15, 2017


Career growth in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) shows no sign of slowing down, so how do we ensure that today’s students are ready for the jobs of tomorrow? By incorporating STEM learning into the classroom, we can give our students the tools they need to succeed in the future—and spark interest in these fields.

So, where do we start? In our digital age, apps are the perfect way to bring STEM ideas and skills into the curriculum. These are our top 10 favorite STEM apps—each is marked with an S, T, E, or M to indicate which topic the resource focuses on:

  1. Froguts: This is a very realistic interactive frog dissection app. It’s just the right amount of learning—without the smell of formaldehyde. (S)

  2. The Elements: This app is visually appealing and interactive. A great way to start middle school or high school learners on the periodic table. (S)

  3. Night Sky: One of the best apps for watching the night sky—it includes planets, constellations, and tracks difference over time. (S)

  4. MimioMobile™ Application: This collaboration and assessment app offers a student-centric way to develop formative and summative assessments within the classroom. It’s a great technology tool that teachers will want to take advantage of. (T)

  5. TouchCast: This video editing app is free and easy for students to use. They can implement green screen technology, captions, and transitions to create professional-looking projects. (T)

  6. Scratch: This is the free “go-to” site for classrooms to learn coding basics—and a must-have if you have tablet devices. Kids can learn from tutorials and easily become independent with some of the concepts. (E)

  7. iCircuit: This app would be fitting for older students, but it is easy to use for beginners. Students can design and test circuits on the app using many different devices and models. (E)

  8. Front Row: Front Row is aligned with Common Core and includes every standard from K–8, as well as an ELA component. It is comprehensive and builds from one skill to the next, and embeds videos from sites like LearnZillion and Kahn Academy that allow students to learn independently. (M)

  9. TenMarks: As part of the Amazon company, TenMarks is technologically great. It covers math curriculum through high school and has inquiry-based lessons that take students to higher levels. (M)

  10. MobyMax: MobyMax is very engaging and fun for students, with lessons that teachers can post on their IWB to use for whole-class instruction. It is aligned with Common Core, and also contains an ELA component. (M)

TheBigGuidetoSTEM_cover.jpgEducating today’s students to prepare them for the future can be daunting, but these apps are a great way to introduce students to STEM learning in a fun, engaging way. For more information and valuable resources, be sure to download our
“The Big Guide to STEM” eBook today!



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