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      Top 4 Benefits to Using an Interactive Whiteboard

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Mon, Dec 6, 2021

      Top 4 IWB_12.06.2021

      The past couple of decades have shown that the pace at which technology has influenced teaching and learning is moving at hyper speed, and within the past two years – warp speed. Not only have this generation’s students grown up in a technology-rich environment, but they also benefit from lessons and activities that are interactive and immersive. Educators have seen the advantages of implementing educational technology, like interactive whiteboards, that offers students multiple opportunities to engage and collaborate with others.  


      • Bolsters engagement
        Both teachers and students will have increased opportunities to interact with one another and instead of passively learning via lecture and memorization, students can take part in lessons that require them to highlight key text, match items, categorize through drag and drop, and label diagrams. 
      • Increased access
        Different learning approaches, styles, and abilities means that how information is provided should be accessible. For example, teachers can use photos and videos to help students learning a new language or are visual learners who benefit more from this approach.  
      • Incorporate games
        Software and applications developed for IWBs can make it easier for teachers to create learning games that supplement instruction and boost motivation. Today’s youth tend to respond more to activities with immediate feedback (earning points, winning challenges, leveling up) so this is essential with lessons and assignments they are assigned.  
      • Flexible uses
        Interactive whiteboards are amazing for not only presenting lessons, but there are more opportunities for collaborative group activities. Students can work together to analyze problems, discuss, and develop solutions, and encourage one another to think critically and creatively. Teachers can access resources from the internet, save lessons to cloud drives, and give students access to content before and after lesson presentations.  

      Interactive whiteboard capability is not limited to one teacher in a self-contained classroom. Teachers that provide special services and need to move from room to room can also benefit from the advantages of using interactive whiteboards with the MimioTeach™. The MimioTeach portable interactive whiteboard can turn any whiteboard into an IWB with a computer and projector. In just a few minutes, a teacher can set up the MimioTeach and bring learning to the next level for students who are increasingly tech savvy and respond to a wider range of digital learning experiences. Besides providing teachers with different ways to meet student learning needs, students are given another way to engage actively in the classroom. There are definitely more than four benefits to using an interactive whiteboard, but the best way to find out is to experience the advantages of using one. 


      To learn more about the MimioTeach portable interactive whiteboard and request a demo, go to boxlight.com/mimioteach-interactive-whiteboard. 


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