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Training with Travis: Make the Most of Your Summer Months

Posted by Travis Rink on Wed, May 27, 2015
As the last bell rings on the last day of school, excitement about the summer break kicks in for students and teachers alike. It may seem like only yesterday that you were greeting a new class of eager students, and now the school year has ended. How can you make the most of your summer?

Helping You Rejuvenate and Retool in the Summer Months Ahead

Training with Travis Summer Training OptionsFor educators, the summer break is a time to relax, rejuvenate, and retool. You finally have the time to reflect on what went well, what needs to be improved, and how you might alter things to better accommodate curriculum or class changes. But for many, it’s a short-lived break from reality before the professional side of your chosen career path kicks in once again.

Does it seem like every year there’s some new initiative you are asked to get behind and implement in your classroom to help students achieve? Is the introduction of new classroom technology prominent in the mix of upcoming expectations that you have to contend with – or the pressure to better integrate in your teaching the technology tools your school already has?

When it comes to educational technology products, we have you covered. Whether you are new to classroom technology, a seasoned veteran, or just need some refreshing, our no-cost training options can help you realize the power of your ed tech tools and discover how transformational they can be for you and your students. Take a look at the following options.

Training Resources OnDemand

On-Demand Learning 
We offer a wide range of learning resources that are available when you are. They include our complete set of downloadable Reference Cards, available in PDF format; over 60 short video tutorials; and our cornerstone Quick Learn recordings. Our short video tutorials provide comprehensive coverage of the MimioClassroom™ family and allow you choose a specific topic when you need it. The Quick Learn recordings let you view any live Quick Learn training sessions you may have missed. The recordings show expert educators using Mimio tools, giving you a prime avenue for learning tips and tricks, and for fully integrating MImioStudio™ software.

Live Training with MimioTraining Quick Learn
Mimio Quick LearnOur live Quick Learn sessions are conducted most days during the summer months to accommodate your schedule. Beginning in June, we typically offer early afternoon sessions. You have a nearly one-on-one learning experience with other educators as you learn to use and implement Mimio technology in your classroom.

Whether you take part in our live Quick Learn sessions or in the On-Demand sessions, you have the added benefit of earning professional development credits.

On-Demand Mimio Webinar Series Mimio On Demand Webinar Series
You might also wish to view our On-Demand recordings of our Mimio Webinar series. These webinars were presented by guest educators on topics such as collaboration, effective lesson design, and professional learning networks. Be sure to check back in August, when we will announce our new Live Fall series sessions.

Interactive Lessons
MimioConnectFinally, keep in mind the tremendous teacher-created resources that you can find on our MimioConnect™ online interactive teaching community. You can search through thousands of lessons and resources, and download any of them to your arsenal of teaching materials. You are welcome to modify any of the resources to fit your specific needs. You’ll also find lots of expert advice on the site to help you make the best use of interactive technology in your classroom.

Have a Relaxing – and Educational – Summer!
For effective implementation and integration of any technology in the classroom, you may need more than the initial training that is typical in the school climate. But time is precious and schedules are overcrowded during the school year. That’s why we offer so many training options that you can access when you want to and when the time is right.

Grab yourself a lemonade and take a look at Mimio’s free training resources. You have nothing to lose and much to gain as you commit to creating a more interactive learning environment for your students. With just a laptop and a bit of free time, you have everything at your disposal to help you prepare for the eager and excited students that will await your inspiration in just a few short months.

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