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      What Can You Do With Your Flat Panel Display?

      Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, Sep 27, 2018


      Today’s students are digital natives, so it makes sense to incorporate displays into the learning process. But what’s the best way to use this technology? You want to make sure your students are learning as much as possible, but you also want to keep things fun so they won’t get bored!

      Here’s how you can get the most out of your classroom display:

      1. Easily Engage Students: With brilliant images and touch capabilities, interactive displays are an easy, effective way to engage students with learning. It’s easier for all students to see the lesson on a big screen, and bringing touch elements to their learning will help them get more out of your teaching. Whether you create your own lessons from scratch or use lessons shared on teaching communities such as MimioConnect™, an interactive lesson is a great way to utilize your technology to increase engagement in your classroom.

      1. Increase Classroom Movement: You can get your students out of their seats and up at the display for a variety of activities! Whether you have them playing a game, interacting with touch lessons, or answering questions at the front of the room, you can keep students moving as they learn.

      1. Utilize Annotation Tools: Have a ProColor interactive display? The Android feature includes a lot of fantastic capabilities, including annotation tools that allow you to write and draw on the screen. Expand on difficult concepts, fill in blanks as students provide answers to questions, or simply underline important pieces of information you want to draw attention to.

      1. Create a Spotlight: Another great feature offered with Android displays is the spotlight, which allows you to draw attention to a specific area of an image on your screen. You can easily use this feature to focus on a specific concept, incorporate a game or task, or to point out an answer.

      1. Start a Countdown: Use your flat panel to display a countdown for the event of your choosing, such as Halloween, winter break, or the last day of the school year. You can also use a countdown to show how long students have to complete a lesson or test, helping them learn important time management skills.

      1. Get Students to Collaborate: Nothing dazzles like a 4K display! They can bring lessons to life in UHD, providing a highly engaging medium for students to work together on. If your screen has multi-touch functionality, students can collaborate at the front of the room on a variety of lessons and tasks. 
      1. Bring Lessons to Life: Take your lessons to a new level by using your display with a device like the MimioView™ document camera. This handy solution helps bring small details to the big screen, displaying scientific specimens and math manipulatives in HD. You can capture both dimensional objects and flat documents, quickly making any lesson more dynamic.

      1. Incorporate Whole-Class Learning: Whole-class learning is a key aspect of the modern classroom. Many students grasp new ideas more quickly through whole-class instruction—especially if the material is interactive and engaging. Flat panel displays offer an easy way to provide teacher-led instruction, keeping the entire class focused on the topic at hand with clear, brilliant images that are sure to capture students’ attention.

      1. Have Fun While Learning: Preparing for a test or trying to help your students better understand tough concepts? Turn learning into a game! Create your own game show or put a spin on a classic (like Jeopardy! or Family Feud) to put a fun twist on your lessons. Displaying the questions and answers on the flat panel will make it seem more realistic—and less like the classroom!  

      1. Take a Field Trip (Sort Of!): Field trips take lots of planning (and money), but these learning opportunities shouldn’t be overlooked. Using your display, sites like Google Earth, and a little imagination, you can immerse your classroom in a virtual field trip experience. Discover famous cities like London and Rome, visit the Great Wall of China, or check out the Giza pyramids—the opportunities for exploration are endless!

      Whether you just got a new flat panel this year or are looking for new ways to use an existing display, we’ve got you covered! Hopefully these tips will help you engage your students in new ways this year, leading to a more successful learning experience for everyone.

      How do you use your flat panel display in your classroom? Have a favorite method we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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