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      A Day in the Life of Lyrik – Classroom Time!

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Oct 26, 2022

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      Hello, I am a Lyrik that lives in the classroom. Sometimes I get to go to other places, but my teacher mostly uses me in the room to help students hear what she needs to say. Things have changed a lot in the last year or so. I used to see all the students in the classroom, and I always helped my teacher with clear and loud audio so that she could teach through just about anything. But now I only see half of the students on one day, and the other half the next. Hopefully soon I can see all the students together again! 

      I remember one time when we went on a field trip to the zoo so the class could see different animal habitats. The zoo was so noisy! My teacher brought me along so the students could hear instructions and explanations. At lunch time, I even helped some of the students share what they learned on the trip. They were so excited to talk about their favorite animals and were happy that everyone in the class could hear even though we were outside on a grassy picnic area. That was an awesome day! 

      Back to today in the classroom. So far, I’ve helped my teacher with the morning announcements and a couple of students have taken turns using me for the calendar activity. After this, we usually get right into circle time so she can read a story aloud to the class. Wait a second...I’m being unplugged and put in my case. I’m not going to get used today? Although it feels like I’m going somewhere. Maybe another teacher will use me for the day? That sometimes happens, especially if the other teacher has a whole class activity planned. 

      My teacher is opening the carrying case and I see sunshine! Where are we? Ah! We’re on the lawn outside and all the students are here! My teacher decided to teach the whole class today outside in the fresh air. I’m going to be a great help and can’t wait to hear all the voices excited about learning again! 


      For more on the Lyrik portable audio system, click here – FrontRow Audio Solutions. 

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