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      A Day in the Life of Lyrik – Helping the Principal

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Oct 12, 2022

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      It’s going to be a full day for a Lyrik like me. Ms. Rogers already had her morning cup of coffee and greeted everyone in the school office. The main office sure is a busy place! Soon Ms. Rogers and I will be heading out to help direct cars while students and parents cross the street. We want to make sure everyone gets to school safely, and Ms. Rogers always takes me along so that instructions can be heard loudly and clearly. Morning arrival can get really hectic! 

      Once everyone is on campus and having breakfast or waiting for the morning bell, Ms. Rogers heads to the library where the teachers are getting a quick refresher on how to use an innovative technology tool in their classrooms. I will be used there to thank everyone for their time and to explain the neat capabilities of our school’s educational technology, like how I can be used for remote or hybrid learning. How cool is that?! 

      I get to take a little break in the morning where Ms. Rogers tucks me away in the office. I’m light enough to be carried around and small enough to be stored just about anywhere.  

      When lunch time comes around, Ms. Rogers takes me to the school yard so I can help communicate reminders to the students about staying in assigned areas, being respectful to others, and playing games fairly and by the rules. I love yard duty because no matter how loud it gets, every student can hear whatever Ms. Rogers has to say. I love helping and I can help in many different ways, which is probably why I get used a lot! 

      After another break in the afternoon, I help Ms. Rogers manage the line of cars and buses that come into the parking lot to pick up students. Again, a crazy hectic time, but so much fun because I get moved around and I get to see what’s going on. When the dust settles, I get to take a trip to the auditorium where the afterschool program takes place. Ms. Rogers uses me to say, “Hello,” “Great job,” “Remember to clean up” to the students to the program. Sometimes Ms. Rogers watches games being played and says things like, “Out of bounds!” 

      At the end of another day, I am set in the office to wait for the new day to start. I’m thankful for the rest though I could go longer before another recharge. Tomorrow will be another exciting day of tagging along with Ms. Rogers. I wonder who we will help tomorrow? 


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