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      A Day in the Life of Lyrik – It’s PE Time!

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Oct 19, 2022

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      Hello, I am a Lyrik that lives in the Physical Education Department. Mr. Peters was up super early to take me to the school pool for swim practice. He wants to make sure that every member of the swim team can hear the guidance and feedback needed to improve their skills. One of the better parts of my job is to help the person who has me to communicate clearly so that any important information and direction is heard. 

      After swim practice, Mr. Peters hands me off to Ms. Smith. Yesterday at hand off, I went to the tennis courts with Mr. Bryan. He was teaching the students how to swing the tennis racket and how to do a serve. I wonder where I’m going today? 

      Ah, I see. I’m helping Ms. Anderson today out in the field. Looks like we will be teaching new skills like passing, dribbling, crossing, and ball control. It looks like it can be challenging to do with just feet. I bet the ball will hit me by accident quite a few times today. Thankfully, I’m well-made and won’t get bruised pr scratched easily!  

      Ms. Anderson takes me to the gym for an inside activity. It’s Ms. Smith again. She connects me via Bluetooth® to a song playlist from another device. I recognize some of the songs! One is about an electric slide and another is about an achy breaky heart. The students are learning new dances for the school show coming up in a few weeks. Ms. Smith models the steps while the students follow along to the tune of the songs playing. I’m loving this afternoon! 

      When school’s out for the day, Ms. Rogers and the Lyrik that lives in the main office come into the gym for a basketball game. An announcer will use me throughout the game, while my other Lyrik friend will be used by Ms. Smith, who referees. We are very helpful during games. We make sure no one has to yell anything. I love helping the folks watching in the stands hear what the calls are so no one is confused. I have an awesome job. 

      The home team won and my day is over! Time to celebrate with a break and recharge in the office. I think I have another early morning practice to help with. Who at school did I help today? Can you name them all? 


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