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      American Education Week: Supporting Educators Through Change

      Posted by Karleen Vaughn on Fri, Nov 17, 2023

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      As we wrap up American Education Week, we applaud the relentless dedication of educators and their pivotal role in enriching the lives and learning experiences of their students. The education landscape is constantly evolving, and learning to navigate change is vital. As we continue to appreciate educators, let's explore how change management, professional development, and ongoing support are empowering educators to be even more amazing than they already are.  

      Managing Change: An Essential Piece of the Puzzle 
      Change management is essential when introducing new classroom technologies to teachers because it facilitates a smooth transition by addressing potential resistance, fostering resilience, and ensuring effective communication. By proactively identifying and mitigating risks, providing adequate training, and involving teachers in decision-making, change management helps align the technological shift with the existing school culture. Change management also  recognizes the importance of sustaining the change over time through continuous support and monitoring. This systematic approach not only minimizes disruptions but also prioritizes teacher well-being, enhancing the likelihood of successful adoption and integration of new technologies in the educational environment.   

      Learn how one large district supports their educators through collaborative training sessions: Clayton County PS Benefits from Customized Professional Development (mimio.com) 

      Cultivating Success: Empowering Through Professional Development  
      Cultivating success takes time and planning and hinges on consistent and continuous professional development. It's an ongoing journey that empowers teachers with skills crucial for excellence. While interactive technology presents vast opportunities, its true potential emerges through well-structured training programs. In districts prioritizing comprehensive professional development, transformative shifts occur. Teachers, through consistent collaboration with trainers, become adept at using interactive technology to foster dynamic and engaging learning environments.  

      For instance, a targeted training session should adeptly guide teachers in harnessing the potential of interactive displays for phonemic awareness in literacy lessons. Through collaborative sessions, educators not only master the use of this technology but also enhance phonemic activities such as learning letter sounds and word recognition, thereby captivating students more effectively. This training equips teachers with practical strategies, enabling them to seamlessly integrate interactive technology into their teaching practices consistently and progressively, ensuring the success of educational initiatives. 

      Celebrating Success Stories: A Testimony to Effective Support 
      In districts prioritizing change management and investing in comprehensive training, success stories emerge. Teachers, the unsung heroes, triumph in embracing new technologies. One notable success story unfolds in a district where teachers seamlessly integrate interactive STEM solutions into their classrooms. Through diligent training and ongoing support, educators become adept at utilizing technology to amplify their teaching methods. 

      To read this story, click here: Unlocking Inclusive Learning with Mimio Robo E3 3D Printers 

      Championing Educational Excellence: Boxlight's Dedication to Teacher Support 
      In recognizing educators, it's essential to highlight the contributions of organizations like Boxlight. Understanding that effective teacher support is integral to educational success, Boxlight provides comprehensive support to help schools and districts manage the change. Whether through virtual or in-person training, virtual coaching, or thought leadership for implementation plans, this commitment ensures that educators are well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing education landscape. This dedication plays a vital role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement in education, ultimately benefiting both teachers and students alike. 

      Read about a professional development program customized for integrating technology: Summer Tech Fest 2023: Port Neches-Groves ISD (mimio.com) 

      Fostering a Culture of Continuous Support 

      As we celebrate and appreciate our educators, let's commit to fostering a culture of continuous support. Effective change management, ongoing support, and comprehensive professional development are not just elements - they are the pillars of ANY successful education initiative. By prioritizing these integral aspects, we not only celebrate the achievements of today but lay the foundation for a brighter and more innovative future in education. 

      To learn how Boxlight can support your district or school, schedule a collaborative conversation with our Innovation Studio. For more info, click here: Innovation Studio | Boxlight 

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