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      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Mar 6, 2024

      Unbox Innovation - Episode 4

      In the latest episode of the Unbox Innovation podcast, host Bobby Brill interviews Mark Jones, the VP of Sales for FrontRow, a company that specializes in audio technology for effortless communication. Mark has been working in the EdTech industry for 20 years, specifically focusing on the benefits of classroom audio.  

      Mark highlights the pivotal role of classroom audio by addressing three primary barriers to learning: ambient noise, distance, and the developmental nuances in children's auditory areas, which mature fully by the age of 15. By using a microphone, teachers can ensure that their voice is distributed evenly throughout the classroom, allowing all students to hear clearly.  

      Mark emphasizes that classroom audio is not just about amplification, but about clarity and distribution. He explains that the soft consonant sounds in words are crucial for understanding meaning, and children must hear them clearly to develop their language skills. By wearing a microphone, teachers can project their voice without straining themselves, and students can easily hear and understand the instruction.  

      The conversation then shifts to the role of technology in education, particularly in the context of the pandemic and the shift to hybrid learning. He explains that during the pandemic, classroom audio systems were essential for engaging both in-person and remote students. The microphone allowed teachers to move around the room and work with students while still being heard clearly by everyone in whatever location they were learning from. 

      Mark also addresses the barriers to implementing classroom audio in schools. He believes that the key issue is the lack of awareness about the benefits of audio and the technology's relatively low cost. He emphasizes that investing in a classroom audio solution is a simple and effective way to improve literacy and language acquisition for all students.  

      The conversation closes with a discussion of how classroom audio integrates with other school technologies, such as intercom systems and emergency alert systems. Mark explains that FrontRow's systems can be integrated with other technologies, ensuring that communication and safety measures work together seamlessly. 

      This episode of Unbox Innovation highlights the importance of classroom audio in improving learning outcomes for students. Mark Jones provides valuable insights, emphasizing the simplicity and effectiveness of this technology. Watch the entire episode here:



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